I think b**** are ugly.

I hate to see mine.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • send my pictures. i'm a a doctor. -Yordik
    a chest like your brothres? man b****?

  • B**** are a learned sexual attraction as it is linked to the ability to provide for a child. B**** = kids being fed.

    But if you mix in cultural differences and societal norms it all goes out the window. Everything except the attraction to the breast.

    Did you burn your bra earlier in your life?

  • ^^they are a huge sexual turnon for most men..wait till you marry....you'll find out about men's interest in your b****....perhaps you'll need to just get used to the idea.....I did

  • Well I dont exactly want my brother's chest...
    I'm fine with the size of mine, I just don't see the whole "b*** hype."

  • a chest like your brothres? man b****?

  • send me pictures. i'm a a doctor. - Yordik

  • From the poster:
    Okay, let me make this a bit more clear. As a whole, fat falling off your chest with nipples on them aren't as great as boys may think they are.

    Cleavage is the only thing girls really want to show, as do I.

  • Yeah, why does a big fatty pouch look so much better just by adding a nipple?

  • What he said^

  • natures pillow...the sustainer of life...and really fun to pinch and pull and suckle. I will like yours for you...ok?

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