Yesterday my aunt bent down and in the process i saw her b**** under white bra. She is a woman who always wears transperant clothes or figure hugging clothes. I got a h****** as soon as i saw her b**** and my shorts tented.
When she was standing at a distance, turning away from me, i went near her and started rubbing my d*** against her crack and ass cheeks and tightly pressed her b**** from behind..then all i remember is pumping her in bed and loading h*** lot of c** inside her wet p****.

We still do it and enjoy

Mar 31, 2016

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  • Sounds Hot, I had an experience when I was 16 when I got caught f****** my 15yo cousin and her mother ( my aunt ) was ok with it. As long as I'd f*** her too. For about a year and a half I'd go over and f*** my really hot cousin when her mom was at work. And other times my cousin would go to a movie or something so I could f*** my sexy 34yo aunt. I kept hinting at a threesome but my aunt wasn't into it but finally gave in. They didn't touch each other but it was wild sucking on one of them's t*** while the other sucked my c*** and they actually started getting off watching the other suck my c*** and seeing who could take more of it. And watching me f*** the other one or one ride my face while the other rode my c***. This went on without a problem until my uncle who was in the military came home. I'd still slip around and f*** my cousin in my car & stuff but my aunt was off limits.

  • Thats hot... are you still into it ?

  • Hot !!

  • Cant blame it as a troll because i have had similar experiences with my aunt.. there were many instances she proved that she would like to bed me..

    1) whenever i went to meet her family she used to hug me and it was like she dont want to leve me.. just keep on pressing her b**** on my chest and feeling her breath on my neck.

    2) everytime she used to walk past me, she would always pinch my ass and when I look at her she just grins and walks away as if nothing happened.

    3) once i was masturbating in my room and after masturbation, i cleaned myself and put on my shorts and when i went out of my room i accidentally bumped into my aunt and she exclaimed that I smell good.

    so i think even this is true..

  • Troll!

  • Thats f****** hot, tell us more

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