Its been fiftytwo years since we did this

Here it is Christmas and I'm now an old man with regrets.

When I was sixteen a friend and I stole a Christmas tree that someone else had already bought and paid for.

We told my friends mother that we were going out and find a wild tree to cut but instead late that night we went to where they had been for sale and stole one.

We were old enough to know better and thats why I'm sitting here regretting what I did in another lifetime.

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  • Join the Club! When I was about 10-12yo me and a friend of mine snuck out of the house and down the street to a house that was decorated with outside Xmas Lights. On the corner of their House was a Small Cedar Tree that was also decorated with Lights. We removed the bulbs from that Tree and took the bulbs to a nearby parking lot and smashed them to the ground. That's the only time I ever did anything like that and every Christmas since that act of being a d*** comes back to me!

  • It all comes back you live you learn regret is the harshest thing to have in life let it go (:

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