OK so I have e been dating this guy for three years now, we are engaged. And so far the relationship is going great we just got move into a new place. We are making our lives better, but a couple months ago. He had asked me if I wanted to get intimate and the thought of doing it was really exciting but once we started I wasn't that into it. The a few days later I was watching a TV show about lesbians, and the intimate parts were making me excited,later than night, we did it again and the whole time I found my self thinking about females. Is it bad that think about females when I'm having relations with my fiancé?

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  • You better figure out what side of the fence you're on before you get married.

  • Having fantasies while being intimate happens. It's not a bad thing. But here are some personal questions for you. Do you often lose interest while with your fiance? Is he not a attentive lover or able to satisfy you? Are you questioning your sexual orientation? If it's a matter of him not satisfying you, then you need to talk to him about what feels good and what doesn't and make sure that if he is satisfied, that you are satisfied as well. But if it's a matter of you're curious about being with women, you may want to put your wedding date on hold. And you may need to do some soul searching and figure out what are you not getting out of your current relationship.

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