Eat me out

I am a female.
I use to entertain this idea that I cannot recieve oral, but only give it. I was embarrassed of my v***** and did not want my boy friend, first and only sexual partner, to go anywhere near that area with anything but his p**** or fingers.
Although he insisted, I, being his first and only sexual partner as well, was reluctant on recieving oral. I allowed him to go down on me only if he turned me on so much that I wasn't embarrassed about it. He did it and it felt great--for the 7 seconds it lasted. He hasn't done it since. Now I feel even worse about my v*****.
I am not and have not felt satisfied; he comes every single time and I have not come once.

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  • Sounds like maybe he just wanted to try it, your pleasure might not have been a big factor to him, some people only think of themselves. The fact that he always gets off and you don't is a bigger issue. I'd get a vibrator to use during certain s** positions, that helps a great deal for those tough days where it doesn't seem like it'll happen.

  • I love ugly smelly c*** and would lick you till you begged me to stop

  • My wife c*** almost every time we have s**, I make her c** first then I c**. I would f*** you so you came several times then I'd c** in you. Then I'd eat your p****, eat all my c** and then make you c** many times more.

  • I adore licking p**** and ducking c***. I'm a mature bi busty(38dd) woman. Yum

  • I want to f*** you, I'm a young guy who loves busty matures!

  • Were you from? I like young men and women, how old are you I'm 45 and married but my husband is ok with me seeing others for s**

  • I doubt if your v***** is so unatractive that its inedible. Good luck.

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