I ruined Christmas

In October of this year, I married a w****. She'd been a nude dancer and an escort, and I thought nobody would ever know about her past. Unfortunately, someone found out and told another, who told another, etc., and eventually my parents found out about two weeks ago. Now they say I can't come home for Christmas with them and my siblings, whether or not I bring my wife. It's really put a damper on the holidays, but I love my wife and I won't do anything without her. I hate not being at home for Christmas, but she and I will just start our own traditions, and my parents can just go suck it.

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  • Your doing the right thing. We all have somethings in our past that people may not approve of or accept. If your parents are that narrowed minded then start your own traditions. I was a call girl for about 5 years which made me a lot of money. Four years ago I met a rich Black man and we fell in love, married and have 2 children. My parents were more upset that I married the Black man than my being a call girl. But they have now accepted him

  • If she's no longer whoring, your parents and siblings have no reason to reject her. But if she's still dancing and/or turning tricks, then they have every right to deny her admission to family functions. Who wants that w**** s*** around them? Nobody does. Grow up.

  • F*** 'em, if you love the the little tart then that's all that matters.

  • Yes, I do love her. And you're right: love is all that matters. Thank you!

  • Your parents are shitbirds.

  • I really hated them for taking the stand they took. And I still do. They did it out of spite and to hurt me because they felt hurt. But I don't think they have the right to be hurt by who I love or don't love.

  • If people are talking about it that means they have been watching that kind of thing and are as 'at fault' as the person getting paid, if not more so for contributing to such an thing. Grow up and take responsibility for yourself.

  • Yeah, it's your parents that ruined your holidays. You knew the woman you married used the best method of making an income happen, which sorry but that's guys fault for paying hundreds more an hour or night as opposed to making 10 bucks an hour at another type of work, that makes it desperate for someone women to take on that kind of job even though they don't want to. Blaming her won't solve anything. Tell your parents to s**** themselves if they are going to judge your wife when it's highly likely both you and your father for that matter, engage in the very industry she has worked in! Yet your father and mother and you aren't looking down on you and your father are ya? Think about it.

  • Excellent point. I know my dad has been to several of the local nude dancing establishment, and it wouldn't surprise me if he hadn't tapped a few of those nasty a****.

  • Your parents ruined Christmas by being judgemental arses.

  • Yes, they are judging her, so true. And by extension, they are judging me, too. Its going to be hard to forgive those things. I'll try, but it will be hard.

  • It is a challenge that i'm sure you will overcome. Remember whose birth you are celebrating; it is Jesus' and he loved people irrespective of their sinful past. pick or search the New Testament and read Luke 15 and see that he was accused of "hanging out with "sinners". Also, he pardoned the woman who was "caught in adultery (John 8). He is able to accommodate anyone as long as they do not go back to their sinful past. Your wife is not a w**** anymore and that is what matters! Find solace in reading the New Testament. I do. We all have a past.

  • Jesus wasn't born on Christmas, it was a political ploy by the Christians to steal the main Pagan holiday. Good job being ignorant of your own religion!

  • Don't feed the trolls - how many times must you be told?

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