Wife's "great" aunt

I'm a 43-yr old guy married to a 20-yr old girl for the last 2 yrs. I have always dated girls who were younger and that was all I ever wanted. When I married my current wife, her grandmother's sister - Barb - and I started flirting with each other. We did it in front of other people and we both treated it as harmless fun, and we never acted on it. Then on Christmas night this past year at a family gathering, we were drinking and flirting, and eventually found ourselves alone on the back patio when she went out to smoke, and the flirting became kissing and a bit of dry-humping. She said it was time for us to "f****** take this f****** thing to the next f****** level", and then at a family New Year's Eve party, we got tipsy again and consummated our relationship in a back bed room of the house we were at. Then we consummated it again that same night in the utility room. Then in the laundry room. Then in the garage. Then again in the first bed room, before she left to go home with her husband. She's 64, and even though she's not close to being a hardbody like my wife, she's absolutely the hottest and nastiest piece of ass I've ever had in my life. My wife thinks that Barb and I flirting is a joke, and she's always been right, until the holidays in 2012. Now, Barb made herself my Christmas present and my New Year's resolution, and my wife's "great" aunt really is "great". And she's so much better in bed than my wife that my wife now seems like the joke. Barb is the best thing in my life, and soon, she may be the only thing in my life.

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  • You must be ken ...he's the only one i knew that f***** barbie lol.

  • Your wife deserves better than you
    for sure

  • LOL.......if we get divorced, my wife will never do this well again, and she knows that. There's no way in h*** that she could do better or find somebody who can provide for her and the family like I can. She would totally come out on the short end of that deal.

  • Ya - you are the greatest thing ever. Most women dream of being with a guy old enough to be her dad who cheats on her.

    You can provide for her wonderfully, wait til she aned her lawyer rape you for a shitload of money in the divorce.

    you should be on Jerry Springer

  • My wife has always had serious 'daddy' issues, even from before we started dating. Did I take advantage of that? Yes, totally. But who wouldn't take advantage of that? If it hadn't been me, some other dude would have started hitting that ass even younger than I did. I really did love her, but she never got down like Barb gets down, and Barb made me fall for her......couldn't help it. My wife will be fine, even if we divorce, because she'll find some trailer-park a-hole who likes her ass and they'll start cranking out trailer-babies. She may not even divorce me, knowing how much better I can provide for her than the other options she would have if she left. She would be in a corner, and she would know it, so I may actually be able to have my cake and eat it, too. But no matter what happens, I'm not giving Barb up. No f****** way. She's too hot and she's too dirty.

  • the oldest i ever had was 56 when we started the affair and 61 when we ended it, and i was in my mid 20s. actually SHE ended it because she wanted and found somebody younger (kid was 17). i still say she was better than any woman i ever had and i would go back to her today if she would have me. but she wont. she likes that young c*** and i guess that i cant blame her. she can have any guy she wants and any age. shes just that f****** nasty.

  • The oldest woman I've had was 79. She was my great-grandmother. I was 14 at the time and staying with her for the holidays. I rammed it up her 4 or 5 times a night. She was so tight. She also gave great head. The sensation of her gumming me was indescribable.

  • Great-grandmothers are always a good lay. Strangely enough, in England I could legally marry mine if she consented. I've never asked her, but I don't really have to. We share a bed together and she lets me ram her whenever I have the need. I'm 19 and she's 69.

  • If you saw Barb, you would know how real it is. She's as sexy as all h*** and hotter than fresh s***, and there's no staying off the b****. She's a damn fine piece of ass, and you'd be proud to be seen with her, even with the age she has on her. I want her more every day. Every damn day.

  • Fake

  • Real

  • U r 1 crazy f***

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