Panty girdle

The painter came to my house one morning when hubby was at work. He was going to paint my bathroom. I am a cubby curvy lady of 58 and love the chance to flash my knickers to young men. I left my dirty panty girdle on the bathroom floor to see if the naughty painter would do something with them. Sure enough after he had gone I had a look and found his c** stains and wads of c** in the gusset. He was coming back the next day to finish the painting. This time I left out a pair of panty girdles and tights and they were full of pee and c** stains along with some pubic hairs in the gusset. For good measure I left my soiled longline bra which had sweat marks and smelling very ripe. When he came I told him I had to go shopping for a couple of hours and left him on his own to do his naughty deeds. I only left for ten minutes and sneaked back in to house. I peeked in the bathroom and found him strapped up in my panty girdle tights and longline and he was wanking himself. I pulled the door open and ordered him into my bedroom and told him he will be getting a severe spanking over my knee. I pulled down his tights and panty girdle and started thrashing his bare ass. This made his erection grow and soon he shot his load over my stocking tops. I made him lick up his dirty mess before making him wear one of my panty corselets whilst he finish painting.

Dec 26, 2015

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  • Can I come to your house next?

  • Very sexy! I'm a 56 yo male who love wearing girdles and any kind of womens shapewear. Meeting someone like you would be a fantasy come true!

  • What a dirty old s*** you are, bet your fat with saggy t*** and smelly c***. Just as I like them. Id love to spank and f*** you and then lick your smelly c*** and suck your saggy t***

  • Please make me lick up my own c**

  • Luvly jubbly.

  • Can l please c** and do some house chores xxxx

  • I'm really into women of c.55+ dominating me and you sound a dream. I would love to be caught in your underwear wanking off. Punish me by insulting my little d*** and making me c** all over your body, t***, feet, legs, bum, stomach, p****, and hold my face down until I've licked up all my mess. I would find a reason to confront every day and be dominated by you.

  • Woah

  • I want you to do the same to me

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