MY first cousin got knocked up by a married black man

My cousin was a red haired, freckled not that pretty white girl. She has issues that got her into trouble from time to time. She got into drugs and apparently after one of her dope sessions she found herself pregnant by a married black guy from Chad. The black guy is an immigrant and very very black.

We live in the deep south and her parents are not happy with this. I personally never cared much for the girl because she was always in trouble and I felt she could have made a better life for herself had she tried harder. I felt that getting pregnant by this very black black man was merely evidence as to how stupid she was.

Ok she has the baby and the father disappears. What else is new? Of course the girls family is taking care of the tiny infant mixed girl.

Time passes and the girls grows up to be a good looking little girl. I have developed an affection for this now eleven year old girl and she visits my parents whenever she sees my car over there.

Looking into this childs eyes I see high intelligence and her grades show that she is gifted with a high IQ just short of genius. Looking further I see no ginger traits but her face looks more caucasion than African. In other words she appears to be a person with dark skin stretched over a white persons skeleton. Shes somewhat lighter than her father.

I enjoy this kids company and I often wish I had a child like her. Shes intelligent, polite, soft spoken and she acts like a little lady.

Like I said looking at her its hard to believe her mother is a ginger.

Her decent behaviour and her ladylike attitude I feel is the result of a good upbringing by her religious grandparents.

The fact that this child exists has had a profound effect on me. I did not and still do not believe in interracial relations but had my stupid pill popping cousin not done this this girl would not exist.

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  • Email me I'd love to discuss more about that situation

  • Open your mind up lady. Racism is old tired and dead. People of various races have children with each other. Love your cousin's child as you would any other child. Take care now.

  • Most people from all races don't support interracial relatonships or mixed babies, and there is nothing wrong with that. That is not racist. Why must she open her mind? Why are you trying to judge her? If she doesn't support interracial relationships or mixed kids, that is her decision and there is nothing wrong with it. By pulling out the race card, you have shown that you are the real racist.

  • Would it be better if it was a piece of trash, drug addicted, jobless lazy white person? And never ever ever let that kid think she's different. You're obviously and adult so grow up.

  • Had this girls parents not been who they are this beautiful girl would not exist so I like things the way they are,

  • Get over yourself and your stereotypical views.

  • I am African, from the same country as President Obama's dad. I have kids,but I would love to have a bi-racial baby. I have tried to find a good non-black woman to knock up but I haven't been that lucky. Whatever you do,DO NOT RAPE THAT YOUNG GIRL!

  • I wouldn't hurt this child in any way shape or fashion. Shes the light of my life and like a niece to me. I protect her in every conceivable way. My life would be cheapened if anything bad ever happened to her.

  • So what's your point?

  • I made lemonade out of lemons.

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