Girl to good for me

Every day i get these little peaces of paper in my locker form the girl whos locker is next to me and they are all about hiw much she likes me but umm shes just way to out of my lauge i man shes just so dam hot and when she talks to me i cant even repely and my ears get all red and i feel like an a dum ass even tho i can toss a base ball like a pro and swim like a fish and hunt i cant even ask out a girl i am so apthedic :(

Nov 5, 2012

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  • She likes you! You have nothing to lose. You will regret this if you don't ask her out. And she's setting it up for you so it will be super easy. Why don't you slip a piece of paper into her locker and ask her out. She's just a girl and she's probably more nervous then you are. You can do this. Take a deep breath and ask her out.

  • I tryed to but theres always to many dam people around all the time all hours of the day

  • Keep trying, don't give up! Do you know any of her mutual friends that maybe you can get a message to her? Let her know that you like her? Or get to school super early or stay late? Sometimes people don't pay attention like you think they are. You could probably slip a note in there and no one would question it. What about friending her on FB? Just some suggestions.

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