I get bullied every day at school because I am Muslim

I'm a 14 year old guy and I am a Muslim. I want peace in the world and believe in equality. I fear going to school every day because I am treated like an outcast. I have no friends, I sit by myself at lunch and have been beaten up simply because of my religion. I have missed so much work this year at school because I have been absent so much, the teachers don't care. I cry myself to sleep most nights.

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  • You are not alone. Allah is with you.

  • If you truly want peace and equality in the world, you cannot practice religion in any form. The practice of a religion, seeks to place its followers above other non believers or those of different faiths. Therefore you cannot be equal, unless, your concept of equality is that everyone converts to your religion.


  • Religion is a brutally ruthless industry that does not pay tax. "The universal explanation".
    Bullying is about narcissistic gratification, achieved y parasitically cannibalising the victims dignity and all forms of abuse are merely tools to achieve that end.

  • I'm a non-Muslim and was very, very badly bullied by Muslims at school. Not just by Muslims but largely by them. So it works both way, trust me.

    Intellectually, I think the "severity" of one's bullying in comparison to that of others is subjective, but still, emotionally, I sometimes feel so alone in that, like, I feel like so few people in the world have been through bullying even approaching mine in terms of severity ... I went through intense humiliation and dehumanisation and as a result I am, as an adult, traumatised.

  • But regardless of my fluctuating emotions, I feel on an intellectual level, as I said, that the "severity" of one's bullying in comparison to that of others is subjective. Person A may be traumatised by something person B may be unfazed by, and vice versa.

  • I wrote both the post starting 'I'm a non-Muslim' and the reply to it.

  • Move to another school and f*** the rest

  • Muslim or not. We are all human. Black, white, Latino. We are all human. Don't let them bully you. You are stronger than them if u succeed in ur studies and focus on how you can change this immoral ideas when u grow up. Peace my friend.

    Ps. I'm not Muslim

  • I don't know what to say. On one hand I hate bullys with a passion but on the other I can't understand why muslims are here in the first place. I mean if you are against som much that America stands for then why did your parents bring you here? Is it possible for you to return to the country you came from in the first place? I hope the bullying stops but at least some of the blame lies with radical Islam and the so called non violent muslim community fails to condemn.

  • Well America is a country for everybody

  • It’s not a white people country

  • And it doesn’t stand against Muslims but the white people which they act like they rule the country which they don’t

  • I agree with what you wrote too. I feel for this poor kid who was probably born here and had no choice in the matter but his parents probably weren't. I'm sure his parents are just like almost all other muslims being anti-America and American Western values. Muslims really don't belong in this country. I've lived amongst them and I've learned that no matter how nice they seem, never, ever turn your back on them.

  • Wow, you two seem to be quite ill-educated on Muslims, especially in US. You can't blame this kid being bullied because of radical Islamist who use religion as an excuse for barbarism. You don't understand why Muslims would come to the US and they "really belong in the US"? Islam, our 3rd most common religion, has been part of the US since before it was united and is ingrained as a grand American tradition. They fought against England along with Jews, Catholics and atheists for our independence and freedom. My mom is a Muslim, her side of the family has owned a farm in New Hampshire and my dad is a Christian. She's really nice, but based on what you so eloquently asserted to be fact (cause you lived "amongst" them), I;m assuming my dad hasn't turned his back on her for decades....because I guess he'd be dead or whatever terrible thing you're iimplying. It is the narrow-mindedness and lack of basic acceptance that people like you have that's to blame for this poor kid being bullied.

  • What state do you live in? Some states have laws against bullying. If your in a state that doesn't ask your parents if you can transfer to a charter school. Other options, talk to your school counselor about this.

  • Dude report the bullies. Are there any other muslims in your school? It's a lot harder to bully a group than an individual. A lot of people are prejudice because of what members of your religion have done to us and freedom worldwide. But some of us know not all of you are like that.

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