This past summer I was at my

This past summer I was at my sister-in-laws house for the weekend. They have a big home and about 12 acres with an in ground pool. My sister-in-law was in her bikini with her cleavage showing from her big 38GG t***. Her t*** were such a turn on I had to go inside to the upstairs bathroom to j***-off thinking about them. I was in the upstairs bathroom facing the mirror with no clothes on jerking off and saying her name. I didn't realize my sister-in-law came inside to get lunch ready. She must of heard something upstairs and she ended up hearing me jerking off and saying her name. My d*** was so hard at this point. All of a sudden she walked into the bathroom. I was like s***, how long have you been listening? She said, long enough to her my name. She said, how long have you been jerking off thinking about me? I said, for awhile now. She said she was very turned on by me jerking off to her. I was like , really? She ask me what I liked best about her? I said, I love your big t***. She then said, would you like to see them? I said, are you serious? Then she pulled down her bikini top and they were beautiful with big nipples. She ask me to feel them if I wanted. I stated feeling them and my d*** started to get hard again. She then told me she liked my big d*** and she could see it getting really hard. She ask me to keep jerking off and saying her name. So I started jerking off again. I was still a little in shock but wasn't about to lose this opportunity. I started to lick her t*** and rub them more. She pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and started rubbing her p**** as I was jerking off. She told me she was ready and wanted me inside her. So, she bent over and I started banging her from behind. We did it for about 15 minutes and I told her I was ready to c**. She said she wanted me to c** on her big t***. It was so great to c** all over those big t***. She even put my d*** in her mouth to clean me up and get those last little drips of c**. She cleaned herself up as I watched. She told me she had wanted to bang me for a long time. She said she also would like to bang me again but that we need to be careful so her sister didn't find out. I have a funny feeling we will be doing it again soon because she and I always stay up late watching movies. I can't wait to see those big 38GG t*** again.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • wow....i need at least 35 mins to get off. And only 15 mins for you? Get some endurance damn it!

  • You are probably a 15 year old virgin.

  • so is she married to your brother, or are you married to her sister? whats up with that?

  • after 15 minutes? I think you're dreaming there hon... it was prolly closer to 3.

  • Submit that to penthouse!

  • enjoy!

  • again, thanks for sharing the juicy story, but i agreewith the comment. that b**** is probably a big cow

  • wellother thanthe fact that she has to be fat or deformed to have that size of b**** good job

  • yeh alright mate, keep rubbin ya c***

  • what an absolute fuking lie. pretty sad ud make something like that up to get urself off.

  • Haha number 5 you're just jealous! Stop b******* and go get some action.

  • f*** yeah your a fucken champ! i wish i could f*** that big tited s***

  • any pics? lol

  • Great story, thanks for sharing!

  • home based w**** ..hmm nice

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