100% true stories

110% true and I don’t even believe it.

When I was barely 18 my mom walked in on me jerking off. Idk how much she saw but she pretended she didn’t see anything and asked if I wanted to come sit in her bed. Of course I said yes. We were drinking and smoking (weed). We started talking and I was jerking off. She pretended not to see. I told her I had a birth mark on my d*** and she said “show me but cover up and let me know when I can look” I purposely only put my hand around the head and She mentioned that it was bigger than my dads and that she shouldn’t be enjoying this. I showed her a video of me f****** this girl from a few months before. While I was masturbating me and my mom watched a vid of me c****** in a girls ass. She quote said “wow I’m proud that’s a lot of c** but you shouldn’t go from the p**** to ass that’s how you get diseases.” She has fake t*** and told me she has no feeling in her nipples and let me touch them while I jerked off claiming over and over she couldn’t feel it. She then asked me if I wanted see her P**** and I said yes! She said I couldn’t touch. She then took off her underwear and leaned back and spread her legs and showed me her P**** and I saw her a****** too. It was only for like 30 seconds and I kept masturbating. At this point I could tell she was a little uncomfortable and eventually turned away. She was still leaned back in full view and told me to finish. I came more than I ever have and then she gave me some paper towels to clean up. I asked her to lick it up and she sayid no. We didn’t f*** and I didn’t touch her besides her t*** but to this day I wish I would’ve tried to f*** her and ate her out.

Feb 20, 2021

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  • Wow have went be on , wow thinking having s e x witth your mother wow should stop drink or smoking.

  • Obviously fake

  • It might be fake but I think you'd be surprised how often this stuff happens.. people don't talk about it

  • My Mom used to help me bathe all the time when I was growing up, and she wore her robe with nothing under it so I saw her naked hundreds of times. She always took her time washing my genitals, explaining that had to be really clean. She would pull my foreskin back with one hand and use a circular motion with the other. Odd, and I had to teach my wife how to do that, it is my favorite way to get a hand job.
    She would do that until I e*********, and she told me that was normal. The last time she helped me with a bath was when I drove down to visit and stayed the night. She was 65 that time, still wanted to help.

  • Make your Mom over drink and she will be submissive.

  • Be patient.She will gradually let you have s** with you.She is fighting two contradictory sentiments--l*** and inhibition.She wouldn't have gone this far had the latter been more potent

    If you are just trying to arouse us with a fake incestuous seduction non-story, carry on with a dialogue with your member.

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