Mum caught me tossing off

Yesterday my Mum walked into my room and caught me have a w***, in fact I was just starting to drop my load into a tissue. She just stood and watched and I couldn't stop I had to finish it and I did. We spoke about it afterwards and she told me to be embarrassed, that she wasn't and wasn't offended at all. I think she may have been worried that I was gay because she asked me if I was thinking about a girl or a boy when I was jerking off. I told her that I was in fact thinking about her when I was jerking off, she smiled and hugged me and said that she enjoyed watching me and if I wanted to she would watch me next time. Well in about an hour or two I called her up to my room and started jerking off again and she sat and watched the whole thing, she dropped her knickers and started rubbing her p****, I came really hard this time it was an amazing o*****.



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  • Enough with these lame incest fantasies okay. Total BS post!

  • How do you know? It is normal to have mom fantasies.

  • I just would not like to call someone "a mother f*****" tomorrow.

  • All I see here is "INCEST" preparation. Guy, this is wrong. You are not supposed to see your mom's nudity and vice versa. It is a shameful act. Divert your energy to more productive ventures; work out, charity, reading books like "tough times never last . .." "purpose driven life" etc. you've got a whole life ahead of you. Set good life goals; college, job, marriage and look forward to achieving them. Get excited about life.

  • Welcome to the site, you sound lovely. Happy s*******!

  • Ummm I just got on this site an hour ago but I really like it, Why, I want to tell people ir another person that I am bisexual ,even dress in women's sexy clothes while alone & occasionally I have someone that I met on a chat line over. I've made out with several guys with me wearing lingerie,heels,toenails painted, and really enjoying being f*****. I'm not passable but am very sexy. I love it when I am dressed up in hotel room and leave curtain open enuf for someone to look in if they wanted,hoping to get a knock in door,or phone will ring & I will make love to a stranger. UMM I've always
    fantasized about it, and have been f***** by 4-5 guys. Don't kno why I've just told tjis but still gonna post

  • Where are you?? I'll come and f*** your sweet little ass and c** inside. Then I'll make you eat it as it comes out. Then I'll suck your c*** and swallow every drop.

  • I'm in Oklahoma, but I work as traveling pharmaceutical sales man ,how id love to get F***** IN EVERY NEW TOWN BY NEW GUYS EVERY NIGHT!

  • Actually she told me NOT to be embarrassed! OOops

  • Did anything else happen?

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