i would love to

I would love to f*** the new french teacher at my school. man she is hot! she kinda looks at me too sometimes...or it may just be my imagination.

i would also love to f*** every good looking girl i saw.
and i'm good looking, i'm pretty sure that i would be able to f*** 2/3 of all those girls.
only one problem...i have a girlfriend of 2 years, i love her very much and so does she, but we are very young...and sometimes i feel like i'm wasting my life not going out and doing whatever i want...other times i feel if i leave then i would never have something as good as she is.


this sucks......

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  • you should see the spanish teacher at my school. she is f****** HOT.

    unfortunately she only goes for guys because she slept with a guy on the football team. *sighs* sometimes i hate being bi.

  • heh! this made my day thank you all for replying. th egood and the bad you all have your opinion, i thasnk you all.

  • These are the types of secrets that make me second guess going into the teaching profession.
    It's still good to know that teachers are loved though..?

  • hey i'm 26 and I still want to do every fine girl I see. LOL

  • Ahhhh... puberty. Do you think you are the first guy who wants to stick his p**** in anything it can?

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    dnt listen to this guy probly gay or summin....

    btw who doesnt have a teacher that they would like to f***...

    ps does she have armpit hair??

  • why is it always the teacher???

    Get help, and stay with the girl who loves you.

    S** isn't everything

  • Ummm, ok. You sound a little overly confident. When you leave your girl, and get turned down by all those women, don't go crying back to her. Loser!

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