she is beautiful

Every time I see her beautiful face open the door, I start to shake inside. I do anything I can not to look or sound like a moron, she is very nice to me, I want to go out with her. I have to find out her name, I know she told me a couple of things she likes to do, I have to ask her out even if she says no. Any ideas, I'm not that good looking but she seems to show interest at least as a friend in me.

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  • there is nothing more exciting to me then asking out women. its a total high. yes or no - hey just take it

  • ^When what you need (obviously) is a boost of confidence, why do you confess on this site knowing the reaction you will get?

  • Morons?

    Go back and read through each and every one of your posts... and our replies.

    ALL of your posts.
    EVERY LAST F****** ONE.

    And we're the morons?

    F*** YOU ! ! ! !

  • ^ He hasn't had, doesn't have, nor will he EVER have confidence.
    He is going to die as an old man with his virginity intact....
    IF HE DOESN'T GROW A SET OF B**** ! ! ! !

    LOOK OP, life is gonna hand you a lot of s***. This girl is probably gonna say no.
    SO WHAT ! ! Throw it over your shoulder and move on to the next one. You're gonna get a lot of "No's".... but eventually, somebody is gonna say Yes.
    Life is gonna get really fun from that point on.

    There are the keys to a long and productive life.

    Now get the f*** off the computer and go start living your life ! ! !
    Just please, please, PLEASE stop posting this s*** over and over again.

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    u guys need to stfu!

    be confident its worth a try!

  • yeeaaaaaa B****!

  • 21 years old and you don't even have the b**** to talk to a girl.


  • ^Really! How many f****** confessions do you post, I have seen at least 3 in the past 12 hours!


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