My girlfriend, Jessica, and I were invited to one of her co-workers New Year Eve's party. I thought it would be fun. My girlfriend wore a very sexy dress, which i was a little surprised by.
We drive up to this huge house, and go up to the door. Opening the door is probably the hottest woman I have ever seen, great face, BIG T***, that were pouring out of her top. She introduced herself as Mary. She brought us in and there were tons of people there. Some were dancing, other people were watching football. Everyone was drinking, Mary introduced her husband, Brad I was thinking he wasn't much to look at. We chanted about work, and she kept telling how much she loved working with my GF, Jessica. Well, not much for small talk, I went and walked around the place, WOW what a house.
Much later in the evening, people were completely wasted. I saw people go off into some of the bedrooms to hook up. I even walked in on a woman giving a b******* to a guy who I knew wasn't her husband, because I met the husband early in the evening. LOL Well, I go to look for my GF, and I am having trouble finding her. Finally, She comes walking up to me, she looks a bit disheveled. I can tell she is drunk, she pulls me into a room with no one around. I almost do not believe my ears, she tells me her and Mary were hanging out, drinking. Mary asked her to see the bedroom, well Mary pulls her into the room, and shuts the door. Mary starts to kiss her, and rub up against her. "WHAT?" I said. I asked," What did you do? She said, "I kissed her back." Then she drops the bombshell, "Mary wants to f*** me.!" "Mary wants to f*** my Girlfriend?????! She tells me Mary is in an open relationship, and f**** whoever she wants. I asked, " Do you want to f*** her?" Thinking my girlfriend was freaked out about kissing a woman, she paused. She quietly said, "Yes." She proceeds to tell me she has been bi-curious for awhile, but she doesn't want to ruin our relationship, and for me not to be mad at her for her feelings. Now I am speechless, She then asks me, "Can I?" HOLY S***! She wants me to give her permission to f*** someone else. She said she would only do it once, and never ask for something like this again. I guess I was a bit confused, and said, OK. She gives me a kiss, and ran up stairs.
About a hour later, she comes down with Mary, and gives me a huge hug. She leaves to go to the bathroom. Mary hugs me, and whispers in my ear, " I f***** her brains out, and maybe next time I will f*** you too.!"
We drove home, and on the way Jessica told me all that happened. We got back to her place and I f***** her too!
Was i stupid? She had a great experience. Should I have said no? I didn't tell her what Mary told me, but I do not plan on f****** her. I just hope now Jessica had her lesbian experience, and it will be over. I Haven't asked her, because I am afraid of what she would say.

Jan 5, 2016

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  • What was it like being pushed with a old b****** of 46 when I was 16 by samantha (car yard s*** and her old mom vivian?) who set up for this ugly old woman of a man to go out with me? awful. he literally looked like a prince charles illigitamate dirty love child and acted so efaminate it was like he was a girl poofy woofy. and his mother was a stupid old s*** and the sister was a s***.

    he should have been up on pedo charges. I mean to me, kylie minogue is just dating a pedo in prince andrew and she is a pedo herself. I bet she is.

  • Once the door is opened, it ain't closing. In this situation always say no - they'll continue to have s** whether you agree to it or not.

  • Once lesbian, always lesbian

  • Lollss

  • She got the taste of honey and she will want more!

  • Mary has been asking her at work if they can get together again. I am not so sure, Jessica can tell I am conflicted about it.

  • I gurantee they still f******. You suck. I would have made a deal to f*** both.

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