Sexual Mojo

Being a middle aged mother of teenagers can be fun, at least I find it to be anyway. I'm also athletic and a health nut and take very good care of myself for years so it's fair to say I look good and dress well, and so basically like wearing tight fitting clothes that makes me feel good an show off my body. Every since I can remember I have always like dressing that way until it has just comes natural with no thought as to what people see or think. It's also fair to assume that I dress this way around my son and daughter while at home and they too have become use to it, and often times they compliment their mother on how great I look. To get to the point in telling you about my Sexual Mojo and why I feel that way, comes about by the attention I receive from my children's friends whenever they are over at the house. My son's friends looks and demeanor around me has become a welcomed aphrodisiac. Lately I have even taken to flirting with these young boys and like me, they enjoy it as much as I do. Some days I put on a discrete but often times public show for them and they drool like puppies. Bending over a lot, crawling around on all fours looking for something I never lost, brushing and flipping my hair for them, letting them catch a good look while working out or just walking away slowly so they get a good look ay my ass, I even get whistles from time to time that are always rewarded with a smile. Even going so far as leaving my bedroom door open when I change clothing knowing that my son and his friends are in the house and will see me if they walk passed my bathroom. I don't know why but it gives me such a thrill hoping they will see me nude and maybe even spy on me, who knows I may even take up masturbating on my bed with the door cracked just enough. LOL! I have discovered that being a MILF is something that turns me on, and who knows what the future may hold maybe even a little s** education wouldn't hurt but I'd have to think that one through some. So now you can understand why I believe having teenagers can be so much fun!


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  • You should expose yourself to your son. watch his d*** get hard. unzip his pants and make him c** on his own mothers breast. the sexiest thing i ever saw was watching my girlfriend sucking her sons d*** i j******* every time i think of it. im stroking right now!!!!!!!!

  • Damn. I wish my friends' moms were like you.

  • EW! That's gross!

  • I wish you were my mom!

  • Certainly modesty isn't one of your faults and expressions like "Mutton dressed up as lamb" spring to mind.

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