Waiting to Commit Suicide

I am waiting for both of my roommates to be out of town so that I can commit suicide. I don't want an audience, I don't want anyone to rush in and stop me. I want to be able to clean up relax enjoy a last drink and slip away peacefully. They both won't leave someones plans always get cancelled. I am now thinking of sending them on a gifted trip together so that I can have peace and quiet for my final moments.

That is all. Just want to die in peace since there is no chance of me living in peace.

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  • Good for you. Life isn't so great like people make it out to be. Pretty sure if my family wasn't around to disappoint I would...

  • Please don't do it please

  • There's always someone in a harder, more painful situation than either of us, choosing not to die. There are tons of reasons to keep living. There are also much better ways to die.

  • Dude...don't do it. I just got blindsided with a divorce after 17 years of marriage and thought about the same thing. You have something to live for. Somebody loves you somewhere, and you would be missed, I'm at jester5150@gmail.com if you want to talk. Please don't do it. I know you have much to offer the world.

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