I despise my stepson

I despise my stepson. I wish him dead. I am married to his father whom i adore though. His kid was a mistake and part of me hates him for having the disgusting kid with his loser gambling cheating ex. I pray that my stepson dies in an accident and then i'll have peace in my home. He is the devil child. I love my husband too much to leave and i don't want the kid to win. I wish he never existed. May death take him to finally give me peace. He's a piece of s***. I'll try to convince my husband for us to move to city to be away from this despicable piece of rotting s***. I want him dead with all my heart.

Dec 29, 2012

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  • I understand how you feel.

  • I wish him dead for you too. I have an evil stepson that i want dead and i pray that ge does and takes his evilness away from my home.

  • You're all disgusting people. It's a confession site idiots!! What are you deep dark secret confessions?? This is a safe place to confess.

  • Holy s*** you are bat s*** crazy. I can't help but smile thinking of all the good karma coming your way from PRAYING for someone's death lol

  • Forgive me Lord for my sinful words and thoughts. Make him better and i regret and take back each single disgusting wird. I meant none of it!! It was a momentary venting nothing more. I beg you for forgiveness.

  • It's a confession post website you losers. Obviously you're on this site to confess to something too that is probably not that nice either!!! Unless you're just losers looking at peoples anonymous confessions. Get over yourselves and i wonder what your secret confessions are! Also if you think your above anyone on this site post your real names along with YOUR confessions!!!

  • Maybe your daughters were the problem take a good look in the mirror.

  • You are a hateful person,you don't even deserve that man.I don't think you even love him.You sound so selfish. An ex girlfriend hated my grown daughters like that.She tried killing one of them.I have two kids with my ex gf. My daughters have progressed in-life while she is still fighting me about custody. She is hateful like you and now,sadly one of our sons does not like her and shows her that openly.It is heartbreaking to deal with people like you.Look at yourself first.some woman killed an ex-boyfriend's daughter in Las Vegas Friday.Why,leave the man and his son alone if you cant take it.You can be his ex wife but the son cannot be his ex-son.Happy new year.

  • You are s***, seems like your the one who got a problem I hope your husband realizes what a selfish cold heated b**** you are and leave your ass.

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