one day i'm going to be a famous author and smoke weed and write all day at my beach house in panama.

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  • Show me one fanfiction author who's living on proceeds from all their passionate, badly-spelled work. I'll wait...

  • So what are you doing today to make your dream a reality? Or is it a fantasy and not a dream? Get yourself in school, learn your lessons well and the future is yours. If you get out of bed and lite up... that is your future. People who's lives revolve around weed never seem to acheive anything significant, let alone reach their dreams.

  • or sell crack on my street....ass crack.

  • Mr Thompson didn't stop at weed.

  • hunter s thompson already did that.

  • read stuff white people like :)

  • Because all other races can't read worth a s*** :) See, we can be racist too, d****** :D

  • i can't tell if he's making fun of you or what but invite me to your beach house one day.

  • Its a good dream for you, but it takes a lot of hard work. get started by reading a lot, especially books on writing. A really good book I can recommend is "How I Learned to Shut the H*** Up!" another good book is"Shut the H*** Up already!"

    I care

  • But are you an author yet?

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