After a long term girlfriend and I broke up, I was really h**** at times, but normal jerking off was doing it. So one day i called in to a phone s** site. I have been hooked ever since. I call aprox 1 every 2 months, but it feels like a tension breaker. It helps me settle down and move on. Is it as bad as i think?

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  • that's a waste of money.... they charge like 1.50-5.00$ A MINUTE.

    stop doing it and find yourself a real girl.

  • LOL LOL LOL Do you pay your own phone bill?

    Why not just go to a prostitue (a real live one)? Your paying some fat ugly b**** anyway, so why not get actual s** out of the deal?

    F****** loser.

  • call 1 877 shut the h*** up.

    I care

  • Dude, you need a real P****, no way does phone s** take the place of banging your real live female... No PHONE S**!!

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