Secret Exhibitionist

I'm a 31 year old, single professional woman, normal in every way to the point of being dull and boring, but I have this fantasy of thousands of men looking at naked pictures of myself and masturbating over them.

It began as a random thought when I was reading about yet another celebrity whose naked pictures had found their way onto the Internet. I wondered how they must feel knowing that thousands of men had seen them naked and I assumed it would be incredibly embarrassing and humiliating.

One of my girlfriends commented that the idea of thousands of perverts jerking off over naked of you would be disgusting.

I agreed with her of course but I couldn't stop thinking about how it would REALLY feel and I found that the more I thought about it, the more the idea began to turn me on.

Now it's become an obsession with me but I doubt I would ever do it. I would love to but I would never have the courage.

I don't understand why this has become such a big deal to me. S** is not a big deal in my life and never has been. I don't mind having s** occasionally with a guy I really like but I could easily live without it.

I used to m********* perhaps once a month and would go for several months without masturbating but since this has become an obsession I am now masturbating every night and sometimes more than once a night and having the most incredibly intense o******.

I'm not beautiful and men aren't exactly queuing up to ask me out, but my friends tell me I have a hot body and I think most men would like to see my naked body.

I go about my business every day like Ms Normal with a capital 'N' and constantly imagine guys all over the world jerking off at pictures of me naked and masturbating myself into a frenzy every night ... and nobody knows or would ever imagine.

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  • I too love to have hot guys get hot over me! Posting faceless pix in one of the current P*** groups online and asking for men to describe you would be a huge turn-on. You could sit in front of your computer every night and m******** to the dirty comments would make about your "hot" body! I've posted pix several times over the years as a faceless body, sometimes very revealing ones, it's pretty hot!!


    Check it out and see if this is what you're thinking. Lots of women post without showing their faces. Set up an email specifically for this so that it can't be traced. I hope to see you soon ;-)

  • If you would like a tribute. Send your pics and vids to me. No face tequired i will send a pick back with my c** all over your pic.

    L rt 595 @ yahoo.

  • Take some sexy pics maybe a video or two. Set up a email account just for your dirty stuff. Create an account on a site I have one on xtube with many postings of the wife and I. Post your stuff guarantee you'll love it my wife dose. Then post your screen name here so we can check out your hot body

  • Go fo it. i made a p**** and i know it is on the net. the man who made it told me. gets me all wet and h**** when i know it has been viewed. no more morals. do it. play with yoursself. then upload it. hide your face if you want.

  • If you email a picture of your p**** from a anonymous made up emila. I would go home tonight, work out, take a hot steamy shower, than get out and take all of my sexual frustration out on your p****. I would stroke and rub looking at your p**** Untill I came a hot load all over the picture.

  • This is pretty normal. I am a 29 year old male, divorced. My s** drive has been down since I got divorced, I never m*********, doctor say testosterone is down. A friend of mine tells me a story of how the gym he works out in shares steam rooms and showers and wiegh in scales with the female bathroom and how he tripped and dropped his towel in the steam room full of older women in they're 40's and how they all just stared at him and giggled and smiled. How embarrassing it was for him and now he won't go back. Well I have been thinking about it, and it's all I think of now, acedentally dropping my towel at the gym, and being seen naked by women. And now I madterbate all the time thinking about the women going home and thinking of me or whatever, s** drive has returned, even testosterone is back to normal. I really think in life you just sometimes have to find what deeply turns you on deep down inside to be sexually happy. It's really weird that's the best I can describe it. I am not the type of creep to go expose myself to someone who doesn't want to see. Or purposely go around trying to expose myself to people. But I had to do something to kinda live this out a little, so I post an add on Craigslist for a woman or women that wanted to see a man naked that is in shape and avragley hung and I would send pics or video. Well I had no luck, lol no one just wanted to see me naked. Than a perfect opportunity came. I posted pics on a, "rate me" site lol idk sounds dumb but to me it was hot knowing women were looking at me, commenting on my tattoos, and build, and man parts. So Ya, I feel Ya.

  • Feel free to imagine that I'm jerking off to pictures of you, because I promise you I'd do it. Repeatedly.

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