I met this guy in my science class, and got his number after the second week I knew him.

We talked every day las weekend, and for more than two hours last night and made plans to hang out this weekend. He sits with me at lunch, and he smiles and waves whenever we see each other in the halls.

I really, really like him. He's sweet, and funny, has amazing taste in music, and of course really cute.

He just moved to my area from Cali like a month ago. He said i'm his first friend here.

Thing is, his Myspace says he's "In A Relationship". I know guys are s***** about taking that off their profiles, and if he had a girlfriend, he may have broken up with her before he moved.

What should I do? Pursue him, or just leave it alone?

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  • Why don't you talk to him about it instead of asking random strangers on a website? Not to sound rude or anything, but honestly, its best to hear it from the horse's mouth.

  • Is there any comments that indicate a girlfriend is still there? Does he have a girl within his top friends that also says she is in a relationship? Look for hints and clues beyond the obvious.

  • meh if he does have a girl...and you two are in high school/middle school whatever, its not like they are going to last a long time, and judging by what you said there he likes you so just go on with him. ask him though first like the guy above me said.

  • Say "Hey, your Myspace said you have a girl. That still true?" If not, ask him to a movie.

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