I am coming up on my first anniversary

I am coming up on my first anniversary with my husband. The only problem is he doesn't satify me like I want him to. So I seek s** and companionship from others. Am I wrong for that?

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  • You are not wrong for craving satisfaction, you are wrong, however, for staying married. Get a divorce, or go to a sexual counselor or something, but stop cheating on your husband!

  • and just what have you done for him lately?

  • your a horible person.

  • You both need some help.

  • maybe you could talk to him, and teach him how to satisfy you. it,s only the first year, it might take a while to learn things about eachother, and how to communicate.

  • I wrote the above comment. But I just wanted to say, I also told him that I wasn't getting mine like I wanted to and once he realized I was serious, he made it his J-O-B to let me get mine first every time.

  • After my boyfriend and I had been together for about a year, the s** was terrible. I rolled my eyes through most of it. Then, I started finding things about him that turned me on, and it started getting better and better. Now that we are broken up, I can't find anyone that can do it as good as he can. NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your mer. is the best thing a human can have and if he does not suit you than teach him how

  • divorce this man. you still should be enjoying your honeymoon.

  • It might be a good idea to get out now. I am not much of a beliiever in divorce, but whatever he felt about you when you both got together, seems to be forgotten. It will benefit the both of you. I can see how much you want to be loved by a wonderful man, but if you try to stick it out, it will end up in disaster. Marriage goes way beyond s**. Does he satisfy you in the other ways in your life? Does he pay attention to you in a romantic ways other than just in the bedroom? These are hings to examine before you make a final judgement. If none of these exist, get out ASAP and find the man who can give you the real TLC, hugs, kisses, romance, a good listening ear, and all the other things a woman is so deserving. I once heard a quote. If a man is to be happy, he will treat his wife like a gueen. If you don't feel this man will give you the royal crown, find one who will.

  • Get your butt out of your marriage, but for your´s and your husband´s sake, if you´re married for a year you´re both young and have a chance to rebuild your life, don´t waste any more time, not your´s and not his.

  • If he doesn't satisfy you now and it's been less than a year, can you imagine what it will be like after 5? 20? yrs...Get out now before someone gets hurt by your cheating!

  • p.s to the person who wrote the 1st comment. weather or not he finds out she knows and god knows and it's completely WRONG! you also need to go back to school and learn to spell.

  • you have got to be completely ignorant to even ask if that is wrong!! go read a book and try to wake your brain cells up!

  • you not wrong you not right but look at it if you was him would you want you wife cheating on you just think about it

  • Why state in a relationship that is not fullfilling? Remember, what goes around comes around. Either work it out together or agree to disagree.

  • I don't know what to say to you. I am in the same situation. I have been married for a few years now. And I just recently cheated on my husband with a man who is older. But it was good!

  • I think what your doing is dispicable. If your husband doesn't satisfy you, you should seek counseling or try new things in bed. What kind of wife gives up on her husband?

  • No not at all i think you doing the right thing as long as your husband never finds out no harm will be done just be descret.

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