I want P so badly. He is such a loser

I want P so badly. He is such a loser though. Drinks to much, can't hold a job, not that good of a dad and has a girlfriend. But when he kisses me, my whole body gets weak and I can't breathe. All I can think about is when we can be alone together again. I just don't want my husband to find out. Haven't done more then kissing. I am too scared and guilty too. But it would be so easy to just let it happen. Sad thing is that the other people think it is SOO funny that we are such good friends because we would NEVER be attracked to each other so there is no need to worry about it. Kissed me tonight while J was upstairs with his dad! I actually moaned out loud. They didn't hear. P makes me feel beautiful and sexy and all the things J doesn't anymore. Good thing he is coming over before work tomorrow.

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  • you are a w**** hunny. . .you should be getting paid.

  • Your disgusting, cheater.

  • You only like him because it's wrong for you to be with him. Look at what he is doing to his girlfriend with you. Don't you know he'll do the same thing (probably worse) to you if you got with him? Why is it that when women get a good man, they always f*** it up, but women who want to do right by a man can never find the good ones? Remember, you never know what you had until it's gone.

  • You don't want "P", you just want his d***. What do you see in this loser? I have a daughter that married a bozo just like him, now she has a child that my wife and I have to care for because she can't, and he's in jail. All because she thought there was something so "special" about him. I have a novel idea; how about you tell "J" what you truly feel about what he's not giving you instead of looking somewhere else. particularly down an obvious dead-end road?

  • goes around c*** around

  • what goes around comes around

  • u need to make up your mind on what you want. with immature actions like that you could cause one of them to do something stupid. then it would be all your fault!!!

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