i am terrified of having s**. i'm scared it will hurt. and i dont deal well with pain down there. advice anyone?

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  • Possibly,prepare yourself by ; Regularly masturbating and once your v***** is lubricated,try fingering yourself slowly,using the smallest finger to begin with and once you're used to it,move up in sizes lol maybe eventually experimenting,with using d*****.Remember,this is just a suggestion :)

    Within my experience,I used tampons from 12 years old.So when I lost my virginity at 24,it didn't hurt as much,as I thought it would.But that's my opinion and experience,everyone is different. you've always used tampons,within my opinion,iy

  • Start before you even get in bed. Instead of letting -him- do it, do it yourself with a vib, d****, anything. Use a mirror and understand whats where and maybe get super drunk and just kinda do the painful part yourself.

    When you are in the bed (IT BETTER BE IN A BED, NOT THE BACK OF A CAR) get excited a lot first. Insist on foreplay. Make sure you are good and ready, then start it cowboy style so you control it all, not pinned down.

  • dez nuts wont hurt you.

  • Dont do anything until U are ready to!!!!! A man who wants nothing but that is not worth it,
    And the one who is worth it wont mind waiting..

  • Get drunk

    And it helps if he's experienced and knows what he's doing down there lol

  • Wait until your old enough. It will hurt for a minute or two, but then the feeling good part will take over, and you will forget all about the pain.

  • Dont have S** then...unless u want to

  • ^ YES!! What he said!

  • Pop some pills before hand

  • A mature and caring partner will not do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Find the right person first before you proceed.

  • wait

  • There is a very fine line between pleasure and pain.

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