I have had 5 abortion!

I have had 5 abortion and I don't feel sorry about it.

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  • Confession: I would not be mad if someone shot you and am, in fact, disappointed I have no way to hear about when it happens. *fingers crossed*

  • Abortion is not a bad thing, it does not make you a bad person, yea it hurts I know, I have had one too. It has been 3 years and I still cry about it. (The guy and I are still together now, sometimes i feel it is only because of the abortion and I feel like no other man will accept me, and I will just get rejected over and over again because I feel like I would want whoever I got with to know a mistake of my past. It is not something i would do again.) People make it seem like it is something women do as an escape, it is not that easy it takes so much thought, so much pain. Its not something people should give women crap over. DONT LET ANYONE EVER MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE CRAP! I hope you two got married because I know it is something my boyfriend and I talk about often, especially when I see babies on TV. I SUPPORT ABORTION, but it should never be used as a form of birth control

  • I find it okay. Up to 3 months pregnant is not killing to abort. After 3 months it is justified in many cases. Don't let them make you feel bad about it.

  • dez nuts love making babies!

  • you're disgusting, and it's ashame your mother didn't abort you.

  • Condoms are cheaper.

  • Hey, OP... wanna make a baby?

    I'll pay for the abortion. : )

  • that makes me sick. there are so many other ways to avoid it. i am one of those conservative right wing bible belt a******* that cant stand people like you. yes, it is people like you that adds fuel to our fire. seriously? either keep your legs closed or use birth control. its not that difficult to figure out. grow up a little bit.

  • U haven't heard of birth control??? Why get pregnant and abort then not to get pregnant at all????

  • If abortion is murder then I'll have a second helping of scrambled eggs - it's a long way to H*** and I don't want to travel hungry! And hey pass the veal while you're at it! Mmmm.... veal...

  • I totally support a woman's right to choose. However, I think it is women like you, who use abortion as a form of birth control, who are fueling the fire under the a**** of conservative right wing bible belt a*******. So, stop doing that. If you don't want to get pregnant, use birth control, stupid b****.

  • That means you are five time murderer. Good for you. And we thought OJ was the only one capable of getting away with murder

  • Damn you've been scraped more times than Madonna's knees! OH SNAP

  • Good for you OP! : )


  • Thats because you are a s***.

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