Naked outdoors

I love to take naked pics of myself outdoors in public places.

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  • I'd go to a state park to tan with my hot older sister, and take tons of naked and semi-naked pics of her, on open fields, trails, and the parking lot. Started off having fun and firing off a few while she peeled her clothes off (usually wore her bikini underneath), I'd mock doing music like she was stripping for me, and take pics..That became topless, which she'd end up anyway, and bottomless. Got to a point where we'd almost plan where we'd go next to show her off. Got some hot ones of her by a railroad station.

  • I'm a busty mature woman and love doing this. A couple of years ago a bloke caught me, he came over and began feeling my t*** and I wanked him off, I regret not letting him f*** me

  • Hi add me. love your story.

  • Are you in the uk?

  • Dirty fat c***

  • Bet you would love to stick you c*** in my fat c*** or s**** on my fat t***, you w*****

  • Yes I am and very happy with it

  • I'm going into the woods today and intend to get caught and f*****. I will be in boots stockings and suspenders and just a fur coat and flash any man I see and hope that like my fat t*** and plump shaven cuny

  • Well I happened, I flashed a bloke walking his dog. He followed me to my car, my window was open and he got his hard c*** out, I sucked and wanked him for a while, then opened the door knelt on the seat and he f***** me. He spunked quickly but I enjoyed the experience, he said thank you and walked off, the only words spoken

  • My husband has over 100 photos of me naked outdoors down by the river and I know but can't prove it that he shows them around. I am 22 well built 5'2" with long blond hair. 34 B-23-35 101 lbs and 5 pics our neighbor has seen and he told me where he saw it online and I looked it up and sure enough there I was sitting on the limb in the apple tree all in bloom. A damn good picture of me I might add, but online, why would he do that to me? I want to confront him about this but how do I go about it? I don't want him to get so mad that he leaves but posting me online for all to see is a bit more than I can understand as to why. Yes I was nude.

  • Would you share that with me? I have pics of wife in city park exposing!

  • Lil' tiny bit narcissistic to post you specific body measurement isn't it? I mean 'well built' on it's own is okay, but when accompanied by your chest size, weight and height (I especially don't get that one because who cares how tall someone is anyway) it's just vain and weird. 'A damn good picture of me' geez lady get over yourself. If you genuinely know your husband is showing other people your nude photos, then ask him to stop because you're uncomfortable, or better yet cut out the middle man and stop taking those pictures in the first place - why do you need them if you're already married and he knows what you look like nude? If you don't know for a FACT that he is indeed showing them to other people, then your vanity is peeking back up and you're just flattering yourself.

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