Naked outdoors

I love to take naked pics of myself outdoors in public places.

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  • I'm a busty mature woman and love doing this. A couple of years ago a bloke caught me, he came over and began feeling my t*** and I wanked him off, I regret not letting him f*** me

  • Are you in the uk?

  • Dirty fat c***

  • Bet you would love to stick you c*** in my fat c*** or s**** on my fat t***, you w*****

  • Yes I am and very happy with it

  • I'm going into the woods today and intend to get caught and f*****. I will be in boots stockings and suspenders and just a fur coat and flash any man I see and hope that like my fat t*** and plump shaven cuny

  • Well I happened, I flashed a bloke walking his dog. He followed me to my car, my window was open and he got his hard c*** out, I sucked and wanked him for a while, then opened the door knelt on the seat and he f***** me. He spunked quickly but I enjoyed the experience, he said thank you and walked off, the only words spoken

  • My husband has over 100 photos of me naked outdoors down by the river and I know but can't prove it that he shows them around. I am 22 well built 5'2" with long blond hair. 34 B-23-35 101 lbs and 5 pics our neighbor has seen and he told me where he saw it online and I looked it up and sure enough there I was sitting on the limb in the apple tree all in bloom. A damn good picture of me I might add, but online, why would he do that to me? I want to confront him about this but how do I go about it? I don't want him to get so mad that he leaves but posting me online for all to see is a bit more than I can understand as to why. Yes I was nude.

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