A lesson to you guys.

I'm 24, I can count on one hand how many times I've had s**. I've had friends who had children before they wanted, with women they didn't want to have children with. I've denied s** before because I didn't have protection. Anyway, I was fooling around with someone. She hopped on and I didn't think about it in the heat of the moment. I blew it in less than ten seconds lol. I didn't have much time to process anything.

Well, she isn't on birth control. And no, scooping it out and throwing it on the floor in comedic fashion isn't birth control. I thought she was, because she used to be on Implanon. Well, she wasn't, and I didn't even think to ask until over three days after. Well, that takes out Plan B. So now, I wait. I'm hoping has her period, because here's the kicker: she doesn't believe in abortion.

Learn from me like I should have learned from my friends. If you don't have a condom, don't f***. If you believe abortion is an option don't have s** with someone who doesn't think so. Many of you will roll your eyes, maybe think I'm a dumb f*** (I am) briefly before moving on and possibly having your own pregnancy scare someday. Hopefully that's all it will be, a scare. But guess what, it's also possible you might end up being a father before you want to be, or are ready to be because it's not your decision. So, don't think you're safe because you don't usually f*** up, or you haven't so far.

It only takes one time.


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  • The scare is real. I know exactly what you're thinking. I've seen too many of my friends get taken by women financially. I always had that fear. I got a vasectomy a year ago and it was the best thing I ever did. I no longer worry about it. My drive has increased and i enjoy s** that much more.

  • I know this doesn't help, but in a weird way it's kind of comforting how some guys actually experience the fear we feel in a pregnancy scare. Good luck to you.

    - a girl who's had that feeling too.

  • So true man. I had that scare and it traumatized me. And i know all too well about the "heat of the moment" good luck with your situation.

  • A child should never have to die because you are an irresponsible dumn ass. Learn to think deaper man. What do you think is in a pregnant woman? A tumor? It a child!!! Maybe your child dumn ass..

  • ... An egg is not a chicken, a walnut isn't a tree, and a clump of cells is not a person. ITS REALLY SIMPLE. At this point in the all that's in the chicks belly is a clump of cells that for all intents and purposes is pretty similar to a tumor.

  • Say what you want to ease your mind. Maybe your mom should have discarded you when you were a clump of cells. Personally the more liberals and pro-death people have abortions the sooner they and you will become extinct. Now if we could just get the welfare class to terminate their unborn children.

  • See, this is why you're a hypocritical piece of crap. One the one hand you demand that people take "responsibility" for their actions and father or mother children they can't afford and then simultaneously chastise them for relying on the government.

    You're right, the faster people who are realistic about their own financial capabilities to parent continue to get abortions the faster we'll be overpopulated with brain dead citizens who believe they can support every child they ever conceive at any age, regardless of financial ability.

  • I completely agree. In fact, I'll have to use that wording against a "pro-life" friend of mine. He kept arguing that preventing a potential life from growing AFTER conception is wrong, but before conception, is completely fine. I don't understand him.

  • I can't help but notice, you spelled dumb wrong. And he is only sharing his story to help others learn not to make the mistake he did. Not get judged and critiscized by some dumb f*** like u.

  • Youre not alone .. Im also twenty four , and still a virgin because of the same paranoia .. It sucks , but way better being safe than sorry ..

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