Advice needed!!!

So I know this is kinda a different type of thing than what iim supposed to put on here but....I really need advice. So im a tween girl and I....sweat. A lot. My armpits and it shows and its really gross. I wear deodorant and everything but nothing works...plz help me!!!

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  • Very simple.. try perspirant deodrant.. it makes you stop sweating

  • I was going to suggest the crystal deodorant, Tom's Natural's makes one.. Make sure the deodorant is one with antiperspirant. But sometimes the sweating is most likely caused by hormones and puberty, and most likely isn't serious. Just part of life and growing up. Take a shower or a bath daily. Talk to your doctor if it's really excessive. I found an article where it says you can buy underarm shields or garment guards- pads for your armpits. They are sold in lingerie departments. I bet you can find them online.

  • When you buy a deodorant next time try DOVE it comes in a white box it should say antiperspirant put it over night after a shower so your body can get used to it and it should stope the excessive sweating

  • I had the same problem at your age and on into my 20s my shirt was always drenched and the more I worried about it the worse it was I finally wet to the Dr and he prescribed a medicine called drysol it comes in a bottle and you put it on your arm pits and after a couple weeks it took care of the problem I am 46 now and after using it for a few months never had the problem again it allowed me to be more confident and not worry if people were going to see my soaked shirt hope this helps good luck

  • Go see your doctor. There are medications for that. If it is hormones, it can be controlled. There's also a surgery for major cases...even that isn't really a big deal. So go get checked out and don't worry.

  • Its hormones and its notmal for your age group. Do you sweat all over? Id love to just burry my face in your sweaty p**** and lick your ass.

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