Ugh i f****** hate black people so much. i hate their music, their culture, their appearance. i can't stand seeing a black person succeed. i hope Trump wins and deports them all back to Africa, where they belong.

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  • What does their music have to do with them as people? If you don't like their music that's fine, but that's no reason why you should hate black people so much.

  • Black people , or how i refer to them as colored. I suppose me being one of those induviduals , i can't understand your hatred for us. al i know is that im almost 100% sure that you wouldn't enjoy being hated by the majority of an entire race , just because your parents laid down together.

  • *all

  • You must be a very sad and unhappy person to hate a whole race of people. Hate is a waste of life energy. Instead of hating people that you don't understand, explore black culture and learn to get rid of your ignorance. Thanks.

  • Not all white people hate blacks I'm 35 yr old white male married , to a beautiful wife we have to to beautiful kids and for the past 18 months I've been serving a black man orally he's a coworker I can be laying down next to my wife in bed and all I can think about is when's the next time I'm going to be able to suck his d*** I've snuck out in the middle of the night to serve Him my wife to be sucking my d*** and all I could think about is the last time I sucked his d*** and when can I suck it again I think all white men should find a black man and make sure his d*** stay satisfied whether that means you satisfy it or let him use your wife or girlfriend to satisfy he's beautiful black d***

  • N***** betta make me a sangwich mang. Here n****. N****. N****. N****.

  • Your momma is a nasty white "B" N....

  • Every human being that ever lived had ancestors that come out of Africa. The whitest, blond haired blue eyed man or woman shares most of their genes with sub saharan africans. Europeans lost their dark color via the process of natural selection as a survival mechanism when they immigrated from Africa to iceage europe over one hundred thousand years ago.

    You have no reason to dislike black people.

  • News flash! Get a DNA test and I would bet you your IQ is is less than 80 that you have sub-Saharan African in you! You came from these same Black people that you hate you idiot. You can't get black from white but only white from black. It's sad to see these poor white people buy into that somehow your better than someone black. Always trying to identify with the elite whites in this country who have you brainwashed. If you poor white people were smart you would realize you they doesn't care about you and want to enslave you as well. Wake up white people. It's no longer black vs white in this country. It's rich elite vs the poor.

  • Does this mean my ancesters back along time ago started as a sperm in a n****** b**** sack of a BBC?

  • Nah. More that of a monkey.

  • Unless you have RH neg blood - then you may be alien ;)

  • You're a stupid mother f*****, like a really dumb, moronic mother f*****. Black African people were taken to America as slaves, so white people forced them to live in America and now moan about them being there. I'm not Black btw, just think you're such a racist c*** with a pathetic view. Why care if a black person succeeds? Because they're better than you? Because only white people should be able to achieve success? What about China, India, Brazil etc all recently growing super countries in comparison. They're not white. Dumb f***.

  • You are so fucken ignorant. Its just skin color. What about their music. Like emineim he is a white boy? There is a difference between blacks and n******. I get along with all. Except I hate n******. Even white n******. Yellow n****** and brown n******. Makes sense. I live in oakland so I hate 90% of blacks. Since they are alot of n******.

  • I'm going to do my part in keeping black people from making more kids I'm going to swallow as much black sperm as I can I guess you can say I'm going to swallow their kids I guess if I work day and night maybe I could cut the black population down everybody has to have a goal

  • They have some realllll ignorant s**t going on there. That's a different bread in Oakland. Duuuumb!

  • You're as retarded as the guy that posted this lol

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