I act like a prude but I'm secretly a pervert.

I'm underage and female, and around the age where hormones are starting to work. People I know are starting to wear less and less clothing, they're starting to drink and I know a few people who aren't virgins at the same age as me. I'm not saying I'm better than them at all - they can do what they want, it doesn't effect me - but I'm one of the nerdier people in school. I love writing, I read a lot of books, and I have that know it all reputation. I have been watching p*** in secret for the longest time. I have attempted to m********* a lot - never had an o*****, but that doesn't stop me from trying. I tried to use the showerhead and I've humped things but I'm scared of getting caught. Everyone who knows me thinks I'm too mature to deal with that and too focused on getting good grades. I've never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and I don't even hug people. I desperately want a vibrator, but I'm too scared to ask for one, I'm too nervous and underage to buy one in a store, and I don't want to order one online because my parents would probably find out. I've never felt comfortable enough to wear a bikini when going swimming with friends, family or the school, but I want to know what it's like to o***** and I want to be a little more intimate with someone. I'm not going to try actual s** until I'm legal, but...is it weird to be like this? I was a very early bloomer, if that helps.

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  • If you live near a Spencer's it's pretty easy to steal one, especially in a mall. Pick up a few items and make your way to the s** toys. Pick one out and hold it, move a way a bit, kneel down to "tie your shoe" or "look at a product" and slip the toy in a bag of yours. Good luck!

  • Be creative. Search how to build a vibrator. If you were near me id buy one for you. All I would ask is to share your story how you orgasmed.

  • Let me help you.

  • You can buy a vibrator over the counter. They are sold as facial or body massagers. They are great in the right spot honey.

  • I so understand. I'll assume you started your period at 11 or so and are 15/14 now and sexual urges are just killing you. I personally know other girls just like you, it's not weird, it only seems so because you're smart enough to do some serious introspection and notice the difference between how you feel now and how you felt before hormones. (less mindful girls just follow their urges and get in trouble) About a vibrator: one of your parents should be approachable about this; it will be the one who doesn't pretend you're still 11. As for finding someone to be intimate with: my initial advice is to not look to the boys at your school, they will blow up your life with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts detailing your intimacies. Trust me boys in your age group are useless.

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