Well I kissed a girl before, we actually kinda made out, more than once. And Im not sure if it was just for fun or do i Really like girls? I mean Ive had boyfriends but never a girlfriend. Im a sophmore in Highschool, I have a pretty good image and Im afraid that if i do like girls it will Destroy it comletely..Im also afriad of how others will look at me....

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  • I think that's hot, but, the reality of it is, women are meant to be with men....perhaps an "experiment" doesn't hurt at alll to get that phase of your life out of the way....I say, you can't just come out on a whim and announce something like that, you must ensure that you know what you want and who you rtruly are first....Curious, what is it about kissing the girl that felt more right than say previous boyfriends??? Good luck

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