What should I do?

A very nice looking, strong, younger maintenance man named Gary where we once lived had my wife. She admitted it while we had s** and had incredibly extreme o******. Now we've moved and she has little interest in s**. I know she misses him. What should I do? I'm glad she at least enjoyed him so much!

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  • I see your from Michigan and have a wife that liked to f*** around. I have a fat uncut c***, I'm married and want to f*** your wife. We could me for a beer first to arrange how I'm going to f*** her, what she likes etc: Do you want to watch her being f***** hard?

  • How would you do it and would I assist? Tell me more for email xchange.

  • I am bi and so is my wife, she is eager to have a foursome but I try before we buy. Which is why I meet the husband 1st and discuss the options. My wife is chubby with big t*** 40in and experienced at pleasuring men and women as a submissive

  • Id meet you for a beer and discuss me f****** your wife. If you want to be involved, that's ok with me but is it ok with your wife. I am dominant so you will have to accept that I am in control. If I told you to suck my c*** after I f***** her would you do it?
    I want to meet you to discuss this

  • Give me your email

  • Only if you agree to the above

  • Agreed

  • So you will suck my c*** after I guck your wife it will be covered in s**** and c*** juice and you wife will be watching you as I get hard again and c** in your mouth Sissy

  • Who is sissy? Email?

  • You are the sissy c*** sucker, as you let other men f*** your wife

  • She's a w****. She won't change. Move on.

  • In one of the comments below, you replied that you are going to go Thank Gary? Is this a real post? Are you serious? You should divorce her. Your wife cheated on you and you're making excuses for her? If you can't fix your marriage, you don't bring in another person unless it's a counselor. What about your needs? Why aren't you out cheating? What's the point of you two being together? If you have an agreement that it's open relationship that may work, but it doesn't sound like that's the case. You're trying to make a relationship work with a woman who blatantly doesn't care.

  • Why not get yourself some V***** and do your work as her husband?

  • Find her another man to f***, she is a s*** and slags need c***. My husband understands that and is happy for me to get f***** often and loves telling him the details. It's his birthday next week and I have arranged for a bi couple to join us

  • Thanks. Sounds like a great idea. Does your hubby partricipate too?

  • This will be the 1st time and my 1st l**** s** I'm excited

  • Maybe we could all get together? That would be fun?

  • Sounds great!

  • Were you from? You could meet me and hubby meet your wife. Then go home and tell each other the spunky details

  • Michigan

  • Hey, I am in Michigan too. If you need help with your wife I can help. Let me know and I can give you my email. Good Luck!

  • I'm waiting!

  • Pity were in Europe. Good luck hope you get together with a sexy couple ??

  • Hubby has agreed to the 4sm and also agreed to suck the blokes c*** after he's f***** me, I will lick the woman's c*** after he has f***** her yum yum

  • Lets do it!

  • Divorce her because she's a w****?

  • She can't help her physical needs can she???

  • Let her play. In fact, encourage it. If you aren't satisfying her, she's going to play anyway, so it may as well be with your permission. Just make her let you know in advance, each time, and make her tell you the details after the fact, also each time. Enjoy your wife!

  • Thanks so much. Do you think I should also thank Gary properly too? Would my wife want that?

  • No, just encourage her to f*** other men or she could be a prostitute, she has obviously got the skill and is clearly a s***. Put her to work in a profession she is well qualified for

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