... that I fear that I am no writer, because I have nothing to say. I rarely sit down to write. When I do, I don't know what to put down; I'm frozen, or lacking in inspiration. I want to be an artist or a scholar in some way, but I lack motivation, or even a subject matter. I feel like I'll never produce anything that matters or that will make a meaningful contribution to the world.

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  • First clear your head of any negatives. Start saying.. you can. And start with little steps. Produce for yourself because it's something you enjoy. You put that kind of pressure to inspire the world, you'll create mental roadblocks. If you want to make a difference, volunteer. There are so many great organizations that need help. If you want to write, grab a journal and start writing. Write about your dreams, or your family or just keep a diary. Talk to your friends and family, something may inspire you. Get books on how to develop a story, or take a creative writing class. Maybe youtube would have a good tutorial. Reading helps too. Write what you know and try dedicating 30 minutes or 1 hour a day to just writing or doodling. Or just write words down. Stay inspired and take classes that interest you and expose yourself to different things. Take classes - Cooking, painting, ceramics class, photography classes. Or self teach - buy a book about drawing or whatever and challenge yourself to learn something new. Eventually, you'll find your passion or you may just find some fun new hobbies.

  • I have a whole head full of stories - lived through some of the most bizarre sad unbelievable s*** ever, and am too exhausted to put it in writing - some day!

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