No One To Tell

I always end up consoling the other person ... when I say I don't want to live anymore ... Don't say that, is what they say, Never say that, It's not funny. No. It's not. But every day it becomes more and more plausible. I think tonight I may have run out of excuses to not take the pain away forever.

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  • Listen to music, talk to a parent, an aunt, uncle, grandparent maybe! This is more common than you know. I once went to see a medium Maureen Hancock , and almost everybody in the audience list a loved one to suicide (grown adults too - slot of coos). Their families were hurting so bad missing them, and the messages coming through over and over again were I didn't mean to do it! Please, don't do this - better times will come!

  • ^^^^ a lot of cops, man I need glasses!

  • You always have someone to tell. Go to the nearest hospital emergency room and let them know that you are feeling suicidal. They will evaluate and likely keep you for observation. Then you will be discharged and referred to a psychiatrist and therapist who will help you over your obvious depression and assist you to solve whatever problems that you may have. Take care now.

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