I think I need a bra, but...?

I'm 13. I've been shaving my armpits for about 3 years now and I haven't told my mum about it. I'm pretty sure she knows, mums have a way, but I've never directly told her. My old bras are getting kinda small, I know I'm in need of a new one, only problem is, when I get it fitted, I'll have to lift my arms up, and then she'll see my hairless armpits and get suspicious. Even if I grow them out, the hair is too thick from being shaved often and it'll be a dead giveaway too.
One option is ordering them online, but, knowing my mum, she'll insist on going out to get it fitted.

Any advice?

Feb 1, 2016

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  • My daughter is 11 and has been shaving her armpits for two years. It's not like your shaving your pubic area or something. Just talk to your mom. She loves you.

  • My wife never wears a bra. Her b**** aren't small, either. Headlights on most of the time. Very sexy. I know it's not proper, but guys sure notice!

  • This girl is like 13 so I DONT recommend that!

  • Why should your mother care whether you shave your armpits or not? By the way shaving doesn't make the hair grow any thicker. If you need a bigger bra then tell your mother to get you a new one.

  • Why is it bad that you are shaving your armpits? Are you not shaving your legs too? You're 13.. if she notices, say you shave your armpits.

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