Mom's tummy

Way back when i was 10, my mom was pregnant and when her tummy had started bulging out, i remember she'd been 4 and 2/2 months, my p**** would get hard, it was summer when it happened, this one morning, i was already in my speedo and had a large beach towel wrapped around me, i went to let my mom know that I was going over to a friend's house to swim in his back yard pool down the street and she said yes, then as she hugged me goodby, her tummy touched me and my p**** suddenly got hard in my speedo, that was when i'd run to my room so fast that i forgot to close my door, then my mom had asked with a smiles on her face 'is your p**** bothering you sweety?' i'd said 'kind of' she'd asked 'do you feel like swimming with your friend today?' i had said 'not exactly' then she had asked me with her smile 'do you want to see my tummy? may be that's what's making your p**** bother you? i'd said 'yes' then she had taken her top off, oh wow, her slim legs, her little short shorts stretched over her basketball size tummy, which i could see very little of between the top of her shorts and her bra, then she invited me to huge and feel her tummy, she'd asked how my p**** felt, i had said it had still bothered me, then she'd said 'it's okay sweety, you're a boy, this can happen, you can't help it, sometimes your p**** will bother you.' after a while, i just barely had gotten over it.

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  • I would remove her dress and punch her until she starts crying. Then kicked her until her bump disappears and then knee her hard to finish her up.

  • When I was 7, a babysitter who was pregnant, right in front of me, she took off her dress, there was a belly bulge in her underpanties and oh her bra was a turn on.

  • I was aroused by your story, too bad I had to grow up without a mom.

  • There's one other pregnancy story like it in the friends & family confession here in confessionpost pregnant belly fetish

  • I was just 8 when my mom got pregnant, we were on the beach, she was in her bikini, her belly was starting to happen, boys from high school looked at her belly and got hard under their speedos, board shorts. When she put on her short shorts, they covered her belly, there was just barely her almost flat stomach in plain view, I got all hard too.

  • Wow, I had an experience like this when I was 13, when my mother was I think 5 months pregnant, she never caught me doing this, she left her bedroom door open while she was changing her clothes, she had on big panties, the way her belly looked between her panties and bra, I got big and hard down there.

  • White people be like

  • We're of mixed.

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