America, pssh... We've become a joke. America, where we praise mediocrity, and treat it as greatness. America, is like those diners with signs claiming "world's best coffee!", but it's really just watered down, bullshit!

We're great, only in negative matters. Anything of importance, forget about it...

Feb 6, 2016

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  • True and you can blame 30 years of unionized, progressive, public education for it... "Everyone is special, everyone gets a trophy so there is no need to excel at anything, so just rise to the level of your own mediocrity... I dare you to prove me wrong you dumbass mellenials and Gen-Z halfwits.

  • Speak for yourself, imbecile. America still leads the world in the most people immigrating to. Gutless shirkers like you aren’t carrying your weight. Get a clue.

  • If it's so bad, why are people trying to sneak in to live there?

  • America has always been a corrupt shithole and will always be a joke. Get used to it.

  • Only to gutless lazy dolts like you. You want everything handed to you on a silver platter.

  • Well, think about it - it is this very diverse thinking that makes America one of the greatest nations on earth.

  • And former President Trump Refuse to sign a bill to lower prices, which would of include his business he owns

  • A President doesn’t control prices, imbecile.

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