Wife's admission

My wife and I have been married for 10 years. It's been a bit bumpy. Around the 4 year mark we had a major fight in which I was told to leave the house. I had to stay with a friend for about 6 months. The whole time I wanted to be back home with my wife but she played the "I'm hurt and this will take some time" card.

Now, what she didn't know and still doesn't know is that the friend I stayed with is gay. At first, he was my only option. He said I could stay as long as I wanted. He understood the whole fight thing. About 2 weeks into my wife and I being separate was when Luke and I started sleeping together. I didn't really like sleeping on the couch and he only had a one bedroom. Those 6 months was when I realized that I kinda liked being a bottom.

It helped move this separation along. I went from begging my wife to not texting her. That lead her to wanting me back. Little did she know that Luke and I were having s** damn near every day.

So fast forward to about 8 months after we got back together. It was a slow process. First I got back in the house but slept on the couch. Then back in bed with her but no s**. Then s** again. Sometimes she will ask me to just eat her p****. I don't mind just doing that. I love eating her p****. I was licking her c*** when she stopped me for a second. She leaned over to her bed side table and pulled out a 9 inch d****. She asked me to f*** her with it as I ate her out.

I hadn't seen this d**** before. I knew she had a toy but didn't know she had a second one. The one I knew about was a 5 inch long vibrator that she uses when I'm f****** her. Helps her to c** faster and harder. So I start pumping the d**** in and out of her p****. I listen to her instructions of faster and harder. She says, "Yeah just like that. Ooh, you know just how I like it. Oh god baby. I'm gonna c**. Oh baby. Oh Stefan f*** me harder. Harder Stefan. Oh god I'm c******. Oh god." She pulled out the d**** and squirted all over the place.

It dawns on me and I ask her, "Um. Who is Stefan?" She said, "What do you mean?" I said, "You were calling out Stefan when you were c******. Just skip acting like you don't know and just tell me." She says, "Promise you won't get mad?" I said, "Can't promise that until I hear it. Just tell me." She said, "when we split up a while back?" I say, "Yeah?" She said, "I was sleeping with Stefan almost that whole time. He's one of the guys I work with. You know him, just don't know his name. Tall, black guy?" I said, "Wow really?" She said, "I'm sorry! My head was all messed up. I wanted you back but just couldn't let you back. He and I had some drinks and ended up sleeping together.

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  • Perfect s** life!!! Kudos!!

  • Me too. I so want to take turns on both sides of both of you

  • A queen and a s***. I want to f*** both of you

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