Turned Sissy

So me and the wife arnt shy to a little kinky ness in the bed room. I have used some small d***** or a*** needs on her she let me have a*** s** with her s few times. I am usually the one that buys the toys and surprise let's try this. Well one day I ordered this 9 inch pink d**** about 1-1/4 diameter so it's big but not that big. It's bed time and she in the shower so I wait in bed for her stroaking my c*** . She jumps in bed and we start making out and she feels under the pillow and finds the d**** and lube I have ready . She was like what's this I tell her was going to rub her p**** with it as we 69. I tell her get on top and she like no you this time. I get on top and part her legs and starting licking that beautiful p****. As she blowing me she starts to rub my taint and rub my back door small strokes. Now I have let her use a finger up my ass before so it was all good. I hear the top of the lube open and I ask what you doing she like lubing my finger keep licking. As I'm licking her I feel her finger lubing my rose bud and she slides a finger in I give out a small moan. As I'm getting into it a feel this looks long shaft sliding in my taint it felt so good and I start to move my hips a little as I doing this I feel the tip of the d**** start going in circles on my man hole. It's feeling so dam good and she sucking my c***. All of a sudden I feel pressure going in and I clinch she says relax she smacks my ass and says again relax. For some reason it turned me on more how she spoke. As I relex I feel the tip poped thru as I let a sie out I feel myself relax more then a second pop as the d**** is pushed deaper I let out a moan and she says I know this is what you wanted I feel my c*** and I have squirted she hit gold. F*** I start backing my ass up to feel the d**** and she starts f****** me good I am oozing like a hydrent I tell her slow down but she like I know you like this up to the b**** she must of d**** f***** me a good 30 minutes my ass started to queef she giggled and said yeah beat that ass up. She said now f*** me and keep it in you . I tried but kept sliding out as I f***** her and came in her we kissed and she said your my little b**** boy now we are doing this more often. The next morning she ask if my ass was sore I told her a little she said wait till next time your are going to fill it for two days every time you sit down . Well that day did come ass was sore three days. When she wants it she will say turn over b**** ass up . I do it quick cause I know either I'm getting milked it f***** by my master.

Feb 12, 2021

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