Please don't laugh..

When I was 14, I was sexually assaulted by an older boy in the park, he physically penetrated me in the a***.
Now I'm 16, & over it...sort of.
I get aroused every time I relieve the horror, and now I think I'm gay!!!

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  • I had an older boy f*** me when I was ten, it really confused me. I felt that it was so wrong, but I liked it at the same time. Him f****** me was painless, probably because he was relatively small and he used a (spit) lubricant. I was more embarrassed by the act, not understanding what it was, or why he wanted to do it to me. Laying on my stomach in just my underpants was a new experience, and having him tear um aside and push his p**** between my firm quivering cheeks kinda messed with my head a little bit. Plus, him c****** twice inside of me was a strange but pleasant feeling, to say the least. Go for it. Find out if you really like it.

  • Ive had a cousin do the same to me when i was 12 and he was 16. All i know is as he was in me i loved it sooo much i humped my pillow until a warm wet mess ran down my ass and then i really gyrated into him as i masturbated... Very fond memory there ??

  • I love the memories also. There's nothing better than being young and fresh, having my cute little firm cheeks plundered playfully by an older boy. Being freshly fcked is a great time.

  • Mmmmmmmm im h**** now damn it

  • Love to relive that again

  • You want too? ??

  • You are gay and have always been gay! Not just joking. You like annal s** now. Go find a girl and have annal s** with her and have her do you in the butt as well

  • Be yourself and find out what it is you like.

  • Yes you are gay, admit it.

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