I have secrat relation with my younger sister and cheated her

Hi iam rehab khan Age 23
I have secrat s** relations with my 19 year old sister (maham) from 3 years iam using her like my s** slave last weekend I have cheated her for some money
Last weekend me and my 6 friends has decided to celebrate our friends birthday and we decided to hire some s**** for enjoyment i have told them to give me the money and iam going to hire s**** unfotlnatly I have spent the cash and now iam really worried about that sectuation because if I don't hire any s*** they are going to be angry and I don't have more money so I decided to get my sister to the party but I don't tell my sister that what the h*** is going to be happens with her there I just invited her to the party and told her to act like my girlfriend and strictly told her that she can't tell any body that she is my sister and when got to the party I have told my friends take first turn to f*** her she is tottly surprised to hear that they all think that she is a s** pet (s***) I got to the room and blackmailed her to to what we want and f***** her after that we all ( me an my 7 friends ) f***** her turn by turn and then we group f***** her we enjoyed f****** her whole night During s** my friends asking me what a mind blowing s*** you have haired bro because my sister is a beautiful girl with beautiful figure This night we all have enjoyed a lot and iam not going to forget this night for my whole life i just love my sister

Feb 12, 2016

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  • You are a sick F&2k! You deserve death for doing that to her. You and your sick friends if this is true and if it's not your stil a sick piece of trash. Get out of this country and go back to where ever you came from. Sick piece of trash!

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