On the bus

Yesterday it was rather warm here in Austin and I rode the bus home from the park where I met my husband for lunch and I was wearing a halter top and had a pair of cut off jeans which were rather short but they covered me. While waiting at the bus stop there were these two guys staring at me making me a bit uncomfortable and I just moved away from them. When the bus arrived it was rush hour and it was packed but I managed to get by the back door and hung onto the bar near the ceiling. It wasn't long till I felt a guy pushing his hard c*** against my ass rubbing himself on me I chose just to ignore him and maybe he'd move away. He didn't and the next thing I knew he had his c*** out of his pants pushing it harder against me between my legs and I admit it was getting to me rapidly. God he felt so f****** hot and hard pushing himself deeper and harder against me he finally made it to where he was between my legs and he got me wet with his pre c** and he was f****** my legs right there and no one seem to notice. I know my breathing became heavy and I found myself pushing back against him and all of a sudden he e********* between my legs his c** squirting all over me and he pushed himself deeper still and Oh god he got between my shorts and my thigh and he pushed his c*** right against my puss and he wouldn't hold still and god I pushed back a bit and he got the head of his c*** between my lips but that's as far as he got. the bus came to a stop and I never felt him again but I had his sperm all over the insides of my thighs and on my shorts. Wasn't long till I got to my stop. I got off the bus went home and changed and cleaned myself up just in time for my hubby to get home from work. No I never told him about it either.

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  • Wow you got my c*** so hard I had to relieve it hot I wish I was there

  • You to huh. About the same thing happened to me last month but he followed me home and litterly took me in the front yard behind the Lauryl Bush. I'll admit I loved the attention and getting him but gads why do they have to force themselves onto you?

  • Wow made my d*** hard

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