I really feel lonely sometyms

I really ws in luv wth ths guy..n we wre in a relationship fr almost 7months bt thn hr broke up..without any reasons..at first i thought i cn let hm go bt whn he started flritng wth the othr grls. I ws really hurt. We share a commn Besty, Alissa (name changed). I told hr hw angry i ws on hm fr leavng me wthout any reasons..hw i hate hm fr dumping me n flirting wth othr grls..bt she fought wth me fr hm..i flt lyk she dtched me..though we r frnds again..bt it hurts lyk ** dat she chose hm ovr me..

My mom shes so vry difficult.. she doesnt care abt me or my feelings..i knw she luvs me n i luv hr 2 bt she jst wont understand my feelings..she cares abt hr n mine reputation more thn me....I really dont know whm 2 talk wth..i hve started hurting myself..n Sometyms i feel so lonely n dull..Wth no1 2 talk wth :(

Next Confession

My sis

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  • Dear Friend,
    Have you any other relatives or friends that you can vent with? What you're going through sounds painful and depressing. Would you please allow yourself to get therapy in order to deal with your loss, relationship and family problems? It is very helpful and may set you back on the right track. Until then try to take care of yourself and also try journaling your problems. It is a very effective way of release. Take care now and please let us know how you're doing.

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