Wat shud i do??

1.am frm Bangalore,India
2.we both are jains n marvadis
heres my tragic story...
we both r in love n we wanna marry..but the problem is parents...each of our parents mostly wont agree to our marriage.
Her family coz i wudnt fit into their family as most of her brothers are tall n so is her dad...my gal is a bit shorter than me..she is totally convinced tat i wudnt fit into her family at all..!! she was so confident abt us at d start of our relationship bt now...she says her priority is her dad always n she doesnt wanna open our relationship to her dad..she says she cant hurt her dad coz her dad wudnt accept a love marriage..
My parents might nt accept it coz they wud probably think she is nt fir for me..
Right nw am pursuing my CA (Chartered Accountant).i hav finished my articleship training for 3.5 yrs . i hav completed my b com n also pursuing Post Graduation Diploma/...we both joined this PG so tat we can c each othr often. i am gonna give 3rd attempt in my CA inter (PCC).my first attempt i jst took it too lightly..she had loads of confidence in me..bt i jst failed badly..my 2nd attempt...i was over confident n she had confidence n many othr ppl also tat ill clear it this time bt again i didnt...my dad is also a CA n he's quite respected professional..he was quite furious tat i cudnt clear my CA..he took away my bike n cell for 2 days bt somehow i convinced him tat ill do it this time..i wanna jst get a rank n prove my worth to every1...she has been supporting me all the time..bt aftr the results of 2nd attempt she lost her confidence in me...she was so h****** me..i finally realised tat she was being h****** me so tat i can study n prove it to every1 n can also do somethin abt our marriage..
bt now she jst wants a break up sayin tat even if a get a rank its nt gonna help..her parents jst wont agree at al...she s totally convinced..i hav begged her literally bt she's flip flopping...she has said to me frankly tat her dad is first priority n she s quite sure tat her family wont agree...i begged her tat pls be normal til my exams..thn wll sort out..she said ok..bt thn again next day..shes back to her demand..i kno she loves me like mad bt is buryin her feelings coz she s totally convinced tat we cant end up together...
am jst stuck..!! i cant concentrate on my studies..i hav pressure frm all..i dunno wat to do..!!am goin to college oly once a week n so is she..i hav decided tat ill give her 6 days time..ill give d power of decision to her .. ill tell her tat in these days if i even get a single text or call frm u tat means u wanna give a chance to us if u dnt thn frm d end of 6th day we r strangers...no calls,text or anythin...it will be soley her choice..today is a tuesday n will tell her this whn i meet her ie on thursday...
meanwhile i didnt text her since today morning . she has only texted me once...we text each other forward indicatin tat we wanna talk...
am doin d right thing??? i kno she loves me n she wil be back bt am jst too scared...she told me tat if we wud nt be in this society thn she wud surely marry me bt with this society neva..our parents wont ever agree..our parents dunno nythin abt us..my studies are goin for a toss n am lieing to my parents tat am studyin:((
we both neva hid nythin frm each other n shared every little thing...if i let her decide i might loose her ...am jst nt able to get her off my mind ..i hav to study...!! am jst lieing to myself tat she wil be bacl to me...or tat she is outta townn i jst try to ignore her n nt talk to her...i kno i shud deal with it..bt nt right nw whn ther's oly 1.5 months left for my exams..i jst dunno wat to do..!!! shud i do tat 6 days experiment??!!


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  • Love doesn't look for excuses to NOT get married. If she's worried about her dad, let her marry her dad. If love is the most improtant thing to her, she wouldn't look for an excuse to not marry YOU. She would come up with a thousand reasons why you SHOULD get married, but she's not so forget her.


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