HARD at work

I am a remodeling contractor, and I specialize in smaller jobs that the "big guys" don't want to bother with. I was doing some work in a storefront, and the owner lived in the apartment above. Every morning, after her teen kids left for school, she would come to chat with me for a while - usually she wore just a robe. One morning, her robe was quite obviously open, giving me a good look at her b****** and her bush. Assuming it was no accident, I didn't even try to hide my interest, and she said "Well, I showed you mine, now show me yours". In less than a minute, we were both naked, and we had incredible, passionate s** there on the floor. It took about two more weeks for me to finish up my job there, and she came for the "morning visit" every day.

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  • Dang! Got her!

  • Daaaaammmmm! Got her!

  • Looks like She needs a good f uck everyday. Keep her pink creamed up!

  • Real Sexy!

  • Lucky guy! keep f****** her!!

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