I accidentally saw my son mastur....

I saw my teenage son m*********. He doesn't know. He didn't hear me come home. Here's the scary mommy confession part: I didn't turn away or go make noise so he'd know I was home. I watched, the whole thing, including the "finish". The most disturbing part is my undeniable physical reaction. Yes, I mean that the way it sounds.

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  • I did that for my Mom hard4mum@yahoo.co.uk

  • Is there any chance he knew you were there and wanted you to watch him, if you are being watched while wanking it increases the excitement somebody watching you doing something you would only do on your own, I have wanked in front of friends and it is really exciting, watch him again and let him see you,

  • Okay, so I hope that your curiosity is over and you can give the kid the privacy he deserves in the future. You probably wouldn't like it if one of your parents had done this to you.

  • Totally normal to be fascinated about seeing that. You could just have a chat with him casually; let him know everybody "even me"(you say) masturbates for pleasure sometimes ;)

  • You should have helped him. Sucked him off and finish with him c****** in your mouth.

  • U lick his d***.if u think that he can satisfybu without knowing to anyone u can carry on

  • Enjoy mom.it is quite natural.I f*** my son fail
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  • Whom u f*** ur mom?...m also frm Bangalore only

  • You should f*** him I've wanted to f*** my mom for years but never got the chance

  • Look most teen age boys probably fantasize about their moms ,teen age boys fantasize about everything!! Make his fantasy come true. Start slow by doing thing like making it easy for him to watch you undress or watch you shower by leaving your door cracked just enough so he can look thru .wear sexy under wear and accidentally flash him. Lay on your bed or on the couch act like your
    asleep leaving your butt or your breast partlaly exposed. Leaving sexy underwear out where he can see them. Just tease him for a week and
    then pick a night wear something lose start joking
    around with him and wrestling with him Let him reach around you and you innocently push or rubb his hands against your body sit on his hands or trap his hands between your leggs push your ass into his crotch pretending to push him .wrestle with him often every time take it a little further make it easy for him to touch you and feel your private parts and if he does act like you dont notice dont pull away let him enjoy it . make it easy for him to cross that line and when he does .you make both your sexual fantasies come true.

  • This seems like a variation of another so-called confession. Its similar to the post where a girl saw her father masturbating. I think your the same person posting this with a similar story.

  • Did you enjoy watching

  • Bullshit alert

  • Yep you are the BS one.

  • Don't feel bad.sexual excitement is one of the hardest feeling to control.its why your son masterbates and its why the visual of your son captured your attention
    .I understand the concern because he's your son. But all of us have taboo sexual thoughts or feeling some time during our lives,some are mild thoughts and some
    are extreme. Have fun with your thoughts and explore your fantasies. And just so you know when I was a young boy 10 thru 15 I fantasized about my mom all the time ,I think most boys do. Your son might have been thinking about you when you were watching him.

  • I doubt if this is true.

  • Get a job on
    TV, you can make millions by being a human lie detector.
    Geeee find something else to do.

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