Mean mother (in law)

When I met and married my wife 4yr ago I really didn't have much interaction with her mother. She and her husband live in the same town but my wife didn't get along with either of them much and so I didn't know her. What I did know was that she was really mean and a real b**** and she cheated on all her husbands she ever had. Well, in the last year or so she and my wife have sort of gotten on better and so we are around them more. The mother's attitude is still super mean and bitchy, and she's sooooo self-centered and demanding. EVERYTHING is about her. Always. Here's the problem. I love her meanness and bitchiness, and for some reason, I just fell in love with that. And with her. She has no idea how I feel, but if I had a chance, I'd dump my wife and marry her mother. I'd do it today.

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  • What happened next?! I've just read to the end and I need to know! Did you meet her? Did you f_uck?!

  • What would you like to know?

  • Why have you not commented back?

  • By what you have written about her, the woman sounds like a mental case. Do not -- DO NOT -- get involved with her. Not only will she burn down your marriage, she will surely burn down your life, as well. Stay away. In fact...….. RUN!!!!!

  • …. i agree with ^this^ totally ……….. you should never play with fire....and this b**** is the fire...……… you need to abandon this quest you're on..... and stick with your wife...… her mother will destroy you....and she will enjoy doing it...… look back at all the men she's had and all the ones she's been married to just in the 4 years you have known her...…. it's a path of total destruction ………. many many years ago i had an affair with a young girl just like this older one (and mine wasn't even married yet though she did have a couple kids) …. and she did her best to ruin my life......she blew up my marriage (laughing while she did it) but she tried to wreck me too...… just for f****** FUN (well, for fun and for money) me dude...……. this woman you want is not the "good kind" of b****......she's the scary kind of b****...… toying with the insane will surely be the end of you...…. she is pure evil......don't go there...……….

  • Thank you for your warning, but as I've written below, they say that our hearts want what they want and we are often powerless to resist that. I believe that to be true. And I believe that's where I am. It's not as though she's "tempting" me, she isn't. I have simply fallen in love with what I've seen of her and I want more. To be honest, I actually want it all, not just more.

  • Camila parker bowels.

  • I think the two of you are going have a lot of nasty fun, and then I think your dream will come true. She'll be treating you like s*** while she's out auditioning the husband(s) she intends to marry after she divorces you. :)

  • I hope that everything you predict turns out to be true, except for the divorcing part. Yes, I do want to marry her, and I want her out having fun at least a couple nights a week. I can't imagine anything sexier than having a wife that's as sexually active -- or as sexually aggressive -- as this woman is. I hope we get married, yes. But I hope she stays married to me, no matter how much she cheats, and no matter how mean and bitchy she gets. I love her for all that. Thanks for your input!

  • Start inviting her to meet you for coffee or lunch near your workplace. Be sure she CAN'T invite her husband or your wife on those occasions (because they're working or otherwise obligated). Make sure it will only be the two of you. Make it happen at least once every couple weeks. Then, more often. When you and your wife go to her house, begin kissing the mother hello and goodbye, just on the cheek. Then, over time, on the lips. Hug her hello and goodbye, too, and make the hugs closer and more lasting each time. Eventually, when you hug her, allow her to feel that hard-on you get going when she's around. If she mentions it, tell her "it's all your fault for being so f****** HOT". Stay after her. Make it obvious what you want, and she will likely give it to you. You know you want it. Let her know you want it.

  • That could work! It may take some time to put in place, but I can see it producing results! I really like the idea of hugging and kissing her, even right in front of my wife! Damn! So hot!

  • She sounds awesome. If she has cheated on her husbands before, she's probably hot too. I bet it wouldn't take much to get into her pants.

  • She's a regular cheater, and apparently, always has been. My wife told me that for a short time maybe 10yrs ago, she was cheating on her then-current husband with an ex-husband from 5-6yrs before that. So, yeah, she is hot as all h***. I can't tell you she's beautiful: she's really kind of ordinary-looking and a little on the heavy side (but as you would expect, that also means heavy on the T&A). Lots of men seem able to get into her pants, but mostly she's the one doing the choosing: seriously, dude, she can get any man she wants. I've seen her work her act and it's mesmerizing to mere mortals like me. :) Thanks for the line and the support: I would love love LOVE to get into those pants!

  • This is normal, most men only get with their wives so they can have there mother in laws.
    You have to have a relationship with her and the sooner the better if comes down to it, dump the eventually but not until you are with her mother

  • I hope it happens the way you described. I truly do. That I get with the mother and am then able to end my marriage to the daughter. I have fantasized about that very thing for over a year, even right down to the way it would happen. We'll be at their house for a part of the day today, and I'm going to have to find a way to hide the hard-on this woman gives me whenever I'm around her......or even think about her.

  • How did it go yesterday? Keep us informed on your progress, and I will do what ever I can to make beautiful dream a reality!

  • After finally confessing my feelings here, even though it's anonymous, my desire and my adrenaline were reeeeeeally pumping, and I was reeeeeeally worked up over her, and just the thought of her would give me a raging erection. So, I tried to kind of stay away from her all day. There were people mingling on their front porch, and some on the patio/deck area out back, so whichever place she was in, I tried to be in the other one, so she wouldn't notice my intense arousal and put two and two together. My wife and I wound up staying longer than we planned, and late in the day, the mother came to my wife and asked if something was "wrong" with me, since I never seemed to be around. My wife had no clue what was happening, of course, so she unintentionally covered for me and blew it off. I'd be happy to let you know what's happening, and I really appreciate your asking. But mostly I appreciate you being so encouraging. That's very kind. Have a great weekend!

  • You have to let her Know of your interested so it can happen!
    Any excuse for body contact ,compliment her, find ways for you and her to be alone, find little jobs to do for her so you can go back and be alone

  • WOW! Those are fantastic recommendations, and I intend to put ALL of them -- each and every one -- into immediate use. And maybe as soon as the weekend! I love her body (true love, yes, and true desire) and just being in contact with that magnificent body will be a surreal pleasure, and a supernatural one. I want to be next to her, and then I want to be in her. And I definitely want to get her alone and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestions. But I have to ask. You seem to be very well-informed on this topic: should I take from that fact that you've become involved in a relationship with your mother-in-law (or maybe more than one!) in the past?? Tell all!!! Please!!!!!

  • Yes! I do have experience in this matter, but before I divulge, some pointers.
    The two key rules to getting any woman or man is, confidence' and be mean and keep em keen, that's exactly what you have fell for in your mother in law (MIL).

    Have you wandered what's she doing with him?
    With all that you have made a great start, by avoiding her you made her think she did something wrong! You can work on that!

    Tell you wife you need to talk to her mum alone, as to make sure she is alright, your wife will allow it! and make sure you are both alone, say you didn't realise you had avoided her whilst holding her hand attentively, (cup one hand in both yours)
    Or if you feel confident enough hold her forearm up to her elbow and allow you finger to wander it should be around her breast.

    Then use these words I'm sorry if you were offended don't wait for a response, just kiss straight on the lips! Listen to her body if she responds you may seal the deal by the weekend!!

  • God, yes. Oh dear God yes. I wonder all the time what she's out doing with all the men she has all these illicit relationships with. I know it's sexy and I know it's dirty and I know she's so skilled and so unbelievably experienced, so I know she's pleasing EVERY man she sees. So, yes, I do think about that, just as you thought! My wife and I will be going by their house on Sunday, although I doubt I'll have a chance to talk with her about what I feel, and I don't think I have the nerve -- at least not YET!! -- to be that bold with her or her body. Still, touching her hand or arm ……...maybe. But I'd worry that my erection would be totally obvious to her and to my wife (and I might even c** in my pants in front of both of them). Just writing to you about this gives me a hard-on. I guess that's insane, but it's how much I love this woman, and how much I want her. I know I'll never "take her out of circulation", but I hope I can just be the one she comes home to after she's been had by whoever she's been to be with. That's what I need. I need her. I love her.

  • Don't let your erection stop you! this is a great way to let her know you want her!
    And don't worry about your wife, if she moans about it! There are many was to shut her up!

    Hope to day went good for you! You don't need to tell her your feelings, let your body language do that! But if you want to be clever try this, "they say that if you want to know what your wife will look like in 20 years look at her mother, well I must have hit the jackpot!
    On your own or in front of people it's open for interpretation!

    Don't worry man I'm here to help you, I want to make your dream a reality

  • Thanks so much for your encouragement. When I made my first post here -- less than two weeks ago!! -- I had no idea what to expect. I really thought I might get no responses at all, or that I'd get few and they would all be ugly or critical or both. I never thought I would find the kind of incredible support you've provided, a mix of intellectual explanation, purposeful attitude adjustment, and experienced education on handling these relationships. You are greatly appreciated!

    We went to their house late yesterday afternoon, and as soon as we walked in the back door, you could tell there was something in the air, even though things were quiet (too quiet). I asked my wife what was up because I could tell things were off, and she hadn't even noticed it. Then she looked and listened, and she said "Mom must be on the warpath". Sure enough, within five seconds, we heard her from the family room, screaming at her husband, "You idiot m***********, I just CANNOT believe how retarded you are......or what an incredible PIECE OF S*** you are". Then we heard her slap him twice, then some punches, all delivered with filthy language and name-calling, all by her (the physical parts and the verbal parts alike), then he walked out into the kitchen where we had stopped to listen. When he saw us, he went into the dining room and closed the door. Her mom came out of the family room at that point, not even slightly embarrassed that we'd heard an intense exchange between them, and said "That f****** a****** is a COLOSSAL waste of time....I'm gonna get dressed up and go get laid....I f****** need it...….and I damn sure f****** deserve it". My wife told her we were going to leave, and she just said, "F*** if I care....please yourselves". So we left. Oops, it appears I'm out of space, so I guess I'll try to finish this later (although nothing romantic or sexual happened). Anyway, thanks again for being a friend and mentor. And PLEASE tell me about your own MIL exploits!!

  • Well let's start with the most recent, I met my wife 14 years ago, I have always liked having their mils too! so I couldn't wait to meet her!
    After my wife telling me, and meeting her for the first time I could tell this was the one I wanted long term' but it wasn't going to be as easy as the others (for another time).

    I started of subtle yet brazen, and making sure I got plenty of skin contact hugs and kisses hand hold when ever possible, stepping it up, the groping, when our first was born within the first year of our relationship, as soon as the baby was here we would pass him over, I would always grope her t*** eventually, with anything! Parcels, coats, passing in the hall way.

    Kisses became more contact, and all the time she never complained to any one!
    Yet still I knew to unlock this one would take something special.

    I had noticed she became more adventurous when she had, had a good drink! And that's when I knew it was Xmas time, and this is the best time for it!
    Extra kisses extra need for warmth and most of all extra drink!

    When' with careful planning, everyone had gone to bed, our conversation was getting heated! As I had planned, eventually I kept referring to her as a prude!
    She was offended as why I had called her this? "I said we'll everything has to be in its right place, be exact. Continued...

  • Continued: "I bet even s*x has to be planned like a military operation! Stiffed tongue, arms out like Frankenstein,"

    How dare you! She said, do you really think I'm not adventurous? I will have you know nothing could be further from the truth, I am a fantastic kisser where ever that may be!

    That's when I knew I had hooked her, she continued to say "and I may not been with that many men but all of them have said I am the best there ever had!"

    I retorted, "what am I supposed to take your word for that ?!" She game me a potty kind of b**** look, "I will show you! Would a prude do this?

    She came over and passionately French kissed me! Now I had got her! I responded to her she seemed shocked at first but then went with it, what with the heat of our argument and lots of drink, I waited no time in carefully arousing her.

    With my hand unhooking her bra and fondling her gorgeous t***, eventually I had my hand down her pants finger f****** her, she was drenched, so I couldn't resist, I got on my hands and knees and licked out that c*nt until she squirted (another way to keep them) after lapping up her bitter sweat taste , she pleaded that she need my c*** her

  • Continued: I'm glad she said this because my c*** was rock hard and I was going to anyway, now with her completely naked and me also, I gently teased her p*ssy with my c***, "give me now you b*stard! It guided it just right and then slid it in, nice and slow, she gave out a moan of relief and ecstasy, so then I gave her the thrust my body could muster, her eyes bulged and she exasperated, I then f*coed as long and hard as possible, rubbing her c*******, and squeezing her t*** as hard as possible, while she bit and clawed and scratched we did a few times until we were to exhausted to do anymore,

    We went to bed about 4 in the morning and that was just over 11 years ago and we f*c regularly and we adore each in so many ways

  • I don't know how to express what I'm feeling after having read your thoughts for the seventh time. I have so many thoughts, so many questions (YES, so many), so much curiosity, and it all wants to come out of me at once. And I want to know more about your relationship. But for now, I'll just try to focus and write about one thing, one idea, one impression, one feeling.

    I've never had a hero in my life. Yes, there have been people who I admired, or looked up to. But never a hero. That has now just changed, my friend. You are my hero. You knew immediately when you met your mother-in-law, not only that you wanted to f*** her, but that you wanted to be involved with her "long term". That you have now accomplished that goal and made it last for ELEVEN YEARS is a testament to your foresight and your devotion, devotion to her and to the relationship. That is remarkable in so many ways and for so many reasons. But beyond that it's incredible how right you were -- how totally correct you were -- about your mother-in-law, and her needs, and her wants, and what was needed in order to get through to her. Amazing.

    However, the most amazing part of your experience is that you put her in a position where she couldn't say no to you, AND where she didn't want to say no to you, because she could see that you were the best thing for her. For HER. You didn't use her to satisfy yourself. You used your knowledge and experience and skill in order to satisfy her. That is incredible. You should get an award or something. No man ever enters an affair with the woman's interests in mind, but you did that. It's so clear to me now. You never allowed her to think that you were in it for yourself. It was always about her. That is why it's lasted so long. That is why you succeeded. That is why you are my hero. What I need to do is clear now: focus all my energies on my darling M-I-L. I will write more later, but right now? I'll just say thank you for the inspiration and the education.

  • I'm glad I have been of help, I like to pass on the knowledge as it was passed on to me,
    Keep me informed on your progress and I'm here to help, like I said I want to make your dream reality.
    Speak more later

  • And to think you want a piece of that. Boy you are low on smarts aren't you.

  • I actually appreciate the candor, and yeah, sometimes I do feel a little crazy for wanting her so badly in these terrible circumstances (being married to her daughter). But at the same time, I have to say that we can't help who we love. Our hearts want what they want, and we cannot always alter it. That's where I am. I not only want and need this woman, but I truly love her. And I want to show her that love. Does that make me stupid? Maybe. But I can't help it. And I don't really want to help it.

  • So how is your conquest going with your MIL,?
    It would be great to hear that you have had s*X with her, don't forget if I can help I will!

  • So sorry that I didn't reply sooner but the site kept me from finding this certain page until today. I don't know what happened or why, but I certainly hope it doesn't happen any more. Anyway, there's been no s** yet, and while I don't know if it will surely happen, it seems that I took a positive step after she blew up at her husband at their house last weekend. She left before we did that afternoon, and although I suggested my wife call her and make sure she was okay (she was "driving angry", as they say), the wife said it wasn't no big deal and neither she nor any of the siblings called to check. So I called her mom's landline number on Monday morning (twice), and Monday afternoon (at least twice), from the office phones so nobody would know, but didn't leave a message, also so nobody would know. I called more on Tuesday, still to their house phone (I didn't have her cell), and finally I got through to her late Tuesday afternoon. She was fine, and she explained that she had gone and gotten herself picked up, and stayed with the guy who got her for two nights and part of Tuesday morning. But she said she loved it that I checked in to be sure she was safe, when none of her children or sisters did that. She said she saw all my calls when she got home but didn't know who placed them and didn't want to call and find out. But she was really impressed that I cared enough to "take care" of her. In fact, she was so impressed that she gave me her cell number and told me to call anytime, no matter what I wanted. I said I wouldn't take advantage of having that number, and she said, "no, please, darling . . . take advantage of me!" I think she was joking, but it gave me an unbelievable erection nonetheless. I'd like to hear more about your relationship with your MIL, how it grew and where things stand today. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • Well done you have baited her, and trust me she was not "JOKING!"
    By next weekend you two will be having s*X! as long as you follow my guidance, you are going to have a bad day! No later than Tuesday, you will ring her cell number and say to her this: you say: "you told me to take advantage, so I need to go out for a drink I will pick you up in;" (give set time) if she tries to say, she she is busy "don't ask! Tell her!" Blow that off and come out with me it's a date! Then put the phone down with full intentions that this is set in stone.

    She will be ready! I guarantee, be mean and keep them keen, and confidence!

    This is a strong sexual woman, and to make sure you have her and keep her you need to be a dominant male bull, even if you don't mind her f*cking other men, you want to marry this woman, and keep her?!
    This is the way!

    Keep me post

  • Wow! This is different than what I thought it would be. Very different! I've thought all along that I would make our relationship (and our marriage, if that happens) entirely about HER! Like, EVERYTHING would be about HER! I thought I would be totally submissive to her and she would boss me around for her pleasure and benefit. And that I would not ever be demanding on her or assert myself! I want her bitchy and mean and I love that about her. I want her in charge, or so I have thought. You are so totally right about her being a very strong sexual woman (I'm only starting to see how strong she really is). That day on the phone when she told me about the young man who picked her up at the club -- and kept her for two nights, wearing her out (her words) -- made me feel like I was really on the inside (it was the first time that happened since I have known her) and hearing about her conquest of that boy was like hearing about her cheating on me! I loved that! Yes, I want to be in that position in her life, to have her married to me but still out being the sexual predator she is. Can I really be forceful to her? Can I really take charge? That won't make her uninterested in a relationship with me? I'm scared to take a wrong step with this woman and risk losing her before I even have her. I'm always amazed by how much you know! And by how much you are willing to share with others! Thank you!

  • I know you must be anxious, worried and scared, yet you are excited by the new developments in your life.

    Look at the two things that have brought you two closer, avoiding her, at the family get together, she was concerned to why! And ringing her to make sure she was OK!
    The first one came across as you ignoring her, yet she asked your wife if something was wrong, "she was concerned"

    And the second, you ringing to make sure she OK, she was moved by your assertive actions to check on her, so much in fact that she gave you her number and said "to call her any time no matter what you wanted" and continued to say "no darling take advantage of me!"

    She is giving you a safe pass, you two can now privately talk.

    You have been assertive and she loved it, now trust me, you need to get her out on you own, (have a bad day, like said)
    She will come I guarantee.

  • I take it something has happened between you two, let me know either way

  • I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, but today has been the first day I've been able to log on to this page in more than a week. I've been checking three and four times a day: I was afraid I'd lost my "teacher" for good. Unfortunately, nothing has happened yet, but maybe soon. I called her like you suggested, and told her I was going to be at this particular club for Happy Hour after work on that upcoming Friday. When I started to "order" her to come meet me there, she interrupted me and said she was going out of town with her husband that weekend. I started to ask if she would have time to meet me for a drink, but couldn't get the words out before she told me she never goes to the bar I mentioned, but told me to meet her and her girlfriends at another place (a horribly divey little joint outside town) the following Friday (now, tomorrow). The last thing she said, and the last words I've heard from her since, was "Don't bring Elly [her daughter, and my wife] and don't you even f****** THINK about skipping out on me if you know what's good for you!!" Then, SHE hung up on ME. She must know some of what you seem to know about dealing with people, because at least a part of what she did came out of your playbook. Ever since that phone call, I've been in a near-constant state of arousal, and the only time I haven't been erect has been when I've been worried that she's setting me up somehow. Anyway, I'm going to take my chances and see what she will do. Thanks again for your coaching. And please tell me more about your own MIL relationships.

  • She is definitely a confident woman, and that's what you have got to be!!
    I think your American, so by time you have read this you may already have been, so I will advise as if beforehand and after.

    She knows what she wants and she is going to get it, the guys in these bars, do want they want, take what they want and so have you got to!!

    You want her long term, so show her that you have what it takes, she maybe dominant but NEEDS you to take charge.

    I will tell more about my MIL conquests in due time, concentrate on the job at hand! And remember "be mean and keep em keen" and be confident!

    P.s. it wouldn't hurt f****** her in the toilet publicly!

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